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Mercedes Lackey Books in Order (177 Book Series)

A Host of Furious FanciesA Cast of CorbiesA Scandal in Battersea

Mercedes Lackey is a series of 177 books written by 7 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 177 books
    1. 18

      Stolen Silver

      Mercedes Lackey

    2. 49

      Fiddler Fair

      Mercedes Lackey

    3. 84

      Winter Moon

      Mercedes Lackey

    4. 98


      Mercedes Lackey

    5. 122

      Arcanum 101

      Mercedes Lackey

    6. 174


      Mercedes Lackey

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    • What is the publication order of Mercedes Lackey's books?

      Mercedes Lackey's books can be read in different orders depending on if you want to go by publication order or by the series in order. For example, the first book she authored in the Valdemar series is "Arrows of the Queen", published in 1987. For a complete list of all her books in publication order, I would recommend checking the author Mercedes Lackey's page on Amazon view for more details.

    • Is Mercedes Lackey the sole author of all her novels?

      While Mercedes Lackey has authored a large number of novels by herself, she has also collaborated with other authors on some of her works. For example, she has written several novels with Rosemary Edghill and Cody Martin. To view details about which books were co-authored, you can look up the specific book series on her Amazon author page.

    • How many pages does a typical Mercedes Lackey book have?

      The number of pages in a Mercedes Lackey book can vary, but on average her novels are generally around 300-400 pages. The page count can be higher in some of her more expansive fantasy novels. For full information on a specific book's page count, you can find the details add to the Amazon view page for the book in question.

    • Are Mercedes Lackey's books strictly fantasy, or does she delve into other genres?

      While Mercedes Lackey is primarily known for her work in fantasy, particularly her Valdemar series, she has dipped her toes into general fiction as well. For example, she partnered with James Mallory for the Obsidian Trilogy, which includes elements of both fantasy and general fiction. To get a better sense of her work, you can view details about her novels on her Amazon author page.

    • Is it necessary to read Mercedes Lackey's book series in a specific order?

      It is recommended to read Lackey's series in order to fully grasp the character development and plot progression. However, she also authored many stand-alone novels and short stories that can be enjoyed independently. For a detailed list of her books and series in proper order, you can check the library book section on the Lackey's home website.

    • What are the ratings for Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar books?

      The ratings for Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar series are generally positive. They are highly rated for their detailed world-building and character development. You can view details of the ratings Valdemar series and individual books have received on Amazon or Goodreads review pages.

    • Are all of Mercedes Lackey's books available as paperbacks and on Kindle?

      Yes, most of Mercedes Lackey's book series, including the fantasy Valdemar series, are available in paperback and on Kindle. You can view details about each format on Amazon, where both paperback and Kindle versions are usually listed for each book.

    • Are all the Mercedes Lackey novels a part of the Valdemar universe?

      While many of Mercedes Lackey's novels are set in the Valdemar universe, she has also written several novels and books that are separate from this world. This includes her works of general fiction and the books she has co-authored with Rosemary Edghill and Cody Martin.

    • Can Valdemar books be picked up in any order or is there a publication order to follow?

      While some of the Valdemar books can be read as stand-alone novels, it's recommended to read the series in order for the best understanding of the overarching plot. The publication order of the Valdemar edited series, as well as other series by Lackey, can be found on her Amazon page under the 'books by Mercedes Lackey' section.