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Bill Gates

Bill Gates Book Recommendations (239 Books)

Bill Gates is an American business magnate, software developer, investor, and philanthropist. Wikipedia

Books Recommended by Bill Gates


  • Who is Bill Gates?

    William Henry Gates III, more commonly referred to as “Bill,” is an American author, philanthropist, business magnate, software developer, and investor. He is most well-known as the co-founder of Microsoft, as well as for his work with ex-wife Melinda (nee French) through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Gates attended Harvard University, though he famously dropped out before graduating, choosing instead to follow an entrepreneurial path—one which undeniably led him to a life of success.

  • Did Gates explicitly recommend these books?

    Not necessarily. This book list has Gates’s must-read recommendations, but it also has a mix of mentions and suggestions from various sources. Some are mentioned from Gates Notes, the multi-billionaire’s personal blog, while others stem from interviews, articles, and even a book’s promotional blurbs.

  • How do you know Gates mentioned these books?

    Every suggestion on this list of Bill Gates book recommendations is validated by our team of editors. If you want to see the source for yourself, you can find the resource quoted next to each book.

  • Did Bill Gates actually create this list?

    No, not directly. This reading list was curated by our editors based on confirmed mentions from Bill Gates, including Gates Notes blog posts, where he recommends the best business books and other terrific reads. The sources for each recommendation are cited beside each book on this list!

  • What genres does Gates recommend?

    Unsurprisingly, Gates’s book recommendations include a lot of non-fiction titles. However, you might be surprised by the variety—not every non-fiction book cited here is a business or finance tome. As just a few examples, you’ll find psychology, personal development, neuroscience, history, science, politics, global health and medicine, technology, economics, management, leadership, memoir, education, sustainability, mindfulness, and other insightful subjects. There are even a few fiction titles among his favorite books. What kind of novel does philanthropist Bill Gates like to read? He cites classic literature like The Great Gatsby and modern must-reads such as The Rosie Project among his favorite entertaining reads.

  • What topics do these books cover?

    With so many kinds of different books, it’s no surprise that the specific subjects of the books Gates recommends vary. As just a glimpse into these themes, even a quick look at Gates's list reveals all that human nature has to offer: climate change, COVID-19 and influenza, systemic inequality, political divisions, and others.

  • Can I read books written by Bill Gates, rather than recommended by him?

    Of course! Gates himself is the author of several titles, including How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, Business @ the Speed of Thought, and The Road Ahead. Naturally, it’s safe to assume that Gates would recommend his own books—and other experts do the same.

  • Where can I find more recommended reads?

    If you love a particular book from Gates's list, you’ll often find other favorites from that same author. However, Most Recommended Books is happy to fill your TBR list, too! Once you’ve exhausted your Gates-inspired summer reading list, you might choose a favorite and select the small information button (the letter “i” in a circle) beside the recommendation. From here, you’ll find a list of other experts who’ve reviewed the same title. Then, check out that same person’s suggestions for other titles—more often than not, you’ll find more great book recommendations. You can also turn to your favorite experts in various industries directly, or compare two people’s lists to see what books overlap. And, of course, you can always head back to Bill Gates’s list for his newest book takes—our editors add more good books to the database each month, verifying more of our expert’s favorites in every genre.

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