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Michael Connelly Books in Order (38 Book Series)


Michael Connelly has written a series of 38 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 38 books
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      Void Moon

      Michael Connelly

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    • I'm a fan of Connelly books, especially those featuring the character Harry Bosch. Could you tell me how many Michael Connelly books there are in the Harry Bosch series and what order I should read them in?

      Absolutely! The Harry Bosch series, written by author Michael Connelly, consists of more than 20 enthralling detective novels. If you want to follow the series in order, you should start with the first book, "The Black Echo," and proceed chronologically.

    • I’ve heard about the Michael Connelly books featuring detective Mickey Haller. Could you tell me more about this series and the order to read the books?

      The Mickey Haller series is another set of gripping novels by bestselling author Michael Connelly. The first book in the series is "The Lincoln Lawyer." To enjoy the full development of Haller's character and the continuity of events, it's best to read the series in order.

    • Could you provide more information about the author of these novels, Michael Connelly?

      Michael Connelly is a renowned crime and detective fiction author. He has written a number of bestselling novels including the Harry Bosch series and the Mickey Haller series. He's also the author behind the Renee Ballard, Terry McCaleb, and Jack McEvoy characters.

    • What are the latest Michael Connelly books to be published and who is their publisher?

      The latest books by Michael Connelly include "The Law of Innocence" and "Fair Warning". The former is a Mickey Haller novel, while the latter features reporter Jack McEvoy. Both books were published by Grand Central Publishing.

    • Is there a specific order I should follow to read all the books by Michael Connelly?

      While you can enjoy Connelly's books as standalone novels, reading them in order of publication can provide a richer understanding of the shared universe. Starting with "The Black Echo", the first Harry Bosch book, and proceeding chronologically is a popular strategy among fans.

    • How well-received are Michael Connelly's books?

      Michael Connelly's novels consistently receive high praise from readers and critics alike. Most of his books have an avg rating of 4 or higher on Goodreads, reflecting their popularity among the reading community.

    • Where can I buy Michael Connelly's books?

      Connelly books can be purchased from a variety of retailers, including online stores like Amazon where you can buy the Kindle publication, as well as traditional bookstores. They're also available from the author's official website, michaelconnelly.com.

    • Can you recommend a good Michael Connelly book for a fan of fantasy novels?

      While Connelly is best known for his detective fiction, his novels often incorporate elements of suspense and intrigue that may appeal to fantasy fans. "The Poet", featuring reporter Jack McEvoy on the trail of a serial killer, offers a thrilling blend of crime and mystery that might satisfy your appetite for the fantastical.

    • Besides the Harry Bosch series, what other series or standalone novels has Michael Connelly written?

      In addition to the Harry Bosch series, Michael Connelly has authored the Mickey Haller series, the Jack McEvoy series, and the Renee Ballard series, as well as several standalone novels. Each series features a unique protagonist and a gripping blend of mystery, crime, and suspense.