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Val McDermid Books in Order (37 Book Series)

19891979A Darker Domain

Val McDermid has written a series of 37 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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      Val McDermid

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      Val McDermid

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    • I appreciate Val McDermid books, but I've only ever read her mystery novels. Does she have any non-fiction books?

      Yes, the author Val McDermid has indeed penned some non-fiction books as well. These offer a refreshing change from her crime stories, giving readers a chance to experience the author's perspective on real-world events and issues.

    • I'm a huge fan of Val McDermid books, especially the Carol Jordan series. Can you tell me the correct reading order?

      The Carol Jordan series by Val McDermid starts with "The Mermaids Singing", followed by "The Wire in the Blood", "The Last Temptation", "The Torment of Others", "Beneath the Bleeding", "Fever of the Bone", "The Retribution", "Cross and Burn", "Splinter the Silence", and "Insidious Intent". The latest book in the series, "How the Dead Speak", is the eleventh. It's highly recommended to read these books in publication order to appreciate the plot progression and character development.

    • What is the order of the Val McDermid novels featuring the character Kate Brannigan?

      The Kate Brannigan series is one of Val McDermid's finest mystery offerings. The reading order is as follows: "Dead Beat", "Kick Back", "Crack Down", "Clean Break", "Blue Genes", and "Star Struck". These novels are packed with suspense, centering around Kate, a private investigator solving murder mysteries in the dark underbelly of British society.

    • I'm just getting into the mystery book genre, and I've heard great things about the author Val McDermid. Can you suggest an order to read her books?

      Certainly! For a great introduction to the world of Val McDermid, I suggest starting with her Tony Hill and Carol Jordan series. These books start with "The Mermaids Singing". After that, you could move on to the standalone novels, and then to the Lindsay Gordon series. You can then read the Karen Pirie series, and lastly, her non-fiction books.

    • What is the order of the Val McDermid books in the Lindsay Gordon series?

      The Lindsay Gordon series by Val McDermid is a compelling sequence of mystery novels. The series kicks off with "Report for Murder", followed by "Common Murder", "Final Edition", "Union Jack", "Booked for Murder", and "Hostage to Murder". Always remember to read these crime novels in order to fully enjoy the unfolding mystery and character arcs.

    • Can you tell me about the Karen Pirie series by Val McDermid?

      Absolutely! The Karen Pirie series by Val McDermid is a must-read for fans of police procedural crime novels. This series introduces readers to Detective Chief Inspector Karen Pirie as she solves various complex murder cases. The series starts with "The Distant Echo" and continues with "A Darker Domain", "The Skeleton Road", "Out of Bounds", and "Broken Ground". The latest novel is "Still Life".

    • I've been looking to read more British authors in the crime fiction genre. Are Val McDermid books a good place to start?

      Yes, Val McDermid books are a fantastic place to start if you're interested in British crime fiction. Known for her riveting plotlines and complex characters, McDermid is considered one of the best in the genre. From the Carol Jordan series to standalone novels, there's a wealth of captivating stories to dive into.

    • How many Val McDermid books are in the Tony Hill and Carol Jordan series, and what's the correct order to read them?

      The Tony Hill and Carol Jordan series by Val McDermid consists of 11 books at present. The correct reading order is "The Mermaids Singing", "The Wire in the Blood", "The Last Temptation", "The Torment of Others", "Beneath the Bleeding", "Fever of the Bone", "The Retribution", "Cross and Burn", "Splinter the Silence", "Insidious Intent", and finally "How the Dead Speak".

    • I enjoy Val McDermid's novels, but I'm a bit lost when it comes to the order of her standalone books. Can you help?

      Of course! Some of Val McDermid's standalone novels include "A Place of Execution", "Killing the Shadows", "The Distant Echo", "The Grave Tattoo", "A Darker Domain", "Trick of the Dark", "The Vanishing Point", "The Skeleton Road", and "Out of Bounds". While these books can be read in any order, they do showcase McDermid's evolution as an author, so reading them in publication order can provide an interesting perspective.