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Ann Cleeves Books in Order (38 Book Series)

A Day in the Death of Dorothea CassidyA Bird in the HandA Lesson in Dying

Ann Cleeves has written a series of 38 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 38 books


    • What is the series in order for Ann Cleeves' books including her books in order featuring Vera and Shetland?

      Author Ann Cleeves has written several series in order. The Vera Stanhope series, featuring the sharp-minded detective Vera Stanhope, begins with "The Crow Trap" and follows with multiple novels including "Telling Tales," "Hidden Depths," and others. Additionally, her Shetland series, with Detective Jimmy Perez, starts with "Raven Black" and continues through several gripping titles. For those interested in her complete series and stand-alone novels, our listings always provide the correct sequence to ensure you enjoy the development of characters and plot without spoilers. Matthew, the avid reader of Cleeves' work, always checks for the right order before starting a new book.

    • Can I find Ann Cleeves books in kindle format for her crime novels series featuring Vera Stanhope and the Shetland series?

      Yes, most books by author Ann Cleeves are available in Kindle format, allowing you to read on your favorite digital device. Whether you prefer the ease of reading on the go or enjoy building an electronic library, you can find her gripping police procedural novels ready for download.

    • Who is the main character in the Vera Stanhope series, and could you tell us more about Vera?

      The main character in the Vera Stanhope series is Detective Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope herself. She's an astute and unorthodox detective leading a series of crime investigations across rural England. Ann Cleeves has adeptly created a character that resonates with readers through a thrilling mix of compelling mystery and deep human insight.

    • What genre do Ann Cleeves books belong to and could you mention novels outside of the crime genre?

      Ann Cleeves writes primarily police procedural and mystery fiction novels. Her well-crafted stories often delve into the complex psychologies of her characters and the intriguing nuances of murder investigations, making her books a hit with fans of crime and detective fiction.

    • Does Ann Cleeves have a novel series featuring Jimmy Perez from the Shetland series?

      Yes, Ann Cleeves created the Shetland series featuring Detective Jimmy Perez. These novels are steeped in the atmospherics of the Shetland Islands and delve into gripping stories where the past often influences the hunt for the killer.

    • What should I expect from an Ann Cleeves' Stanhope novel regarding publication quality?

      Novels by author Ann Cleeves are published by Macmillan, which is known for high-quality publication standards. They ensure that each book meets excellent production values, from the cover art to the binding, so you can expect a satisfying reading experience.

    • When was the first book by author Ann Cleeves published, and how does it stand in her books order?

      Ann Cleeves' first book was published over thirty years ago, which marked the beginning of her prolific writing career. Since then, the author's body of work has grown significantly, featuring multiple series and stand-alone novels that have garnered acclaim and a dedicated following.