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Robert B Parker Books in Order (74 Book Series)


Robert B Parker is a series of 74 books written by 2 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 74 books
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      Robert B. Parker

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      Double Play

      Robert B. Parker

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      Edenville Owls

      Robert B. Parker

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    • What is the order of Robert B. Parker books?

      The Robert B. Parker books are best read in the order they were published. The first book in the Spenser series, the author's most popular, is "The Godwulf Manuscript", followed by "God Save the Child". The order of Spenser series by Parker continues with several more novels. There's also the Jesse Stone series, starting with "Night Passage", and the Sunny Randall series beginning with "Family Honor". The publication order of Parker's books is available online. A quick add to your wishlist can help you keep track of which books you've read and which you still need to explore.

    • Are Parker books considered cozy mystery novels?

      While some of Robert B. Parker's books could be considered cozy mysteries, most of them, particularly those in the Spenser series, are more accurately described as hard-boiled detective fiction. Parker's character, the private investigator Spenser, is a tough Boston man who solves murder cases, but the novels often have elements of romance and humor as well. The other series by Parker, featuring Chief Jesse Stone and private investigator Sunny Randall, also blend mystery with romance and humor, straddling the line between cozy mystery and hard boiled detective fiction.

    • Can I find Robert Parker books in order on Kindle publication?

      Yes, you can find the Robert B. Parker books in publication order on Kindle. This can make for an easy and quick add to your e-library. Note that some of Parker's series have been continued by other authors after his death, such as Ace Atkins, who has continued the Spenser series, and Mike Lupica, who has continued the Jesse Stone series.

    • Are there authors who continue the legacy of Robert B. Parker?

      Yes, there are authors who have taken the mantle of continuing Robert B. Parker's legacy. Ace Atkins, a New York Times bestselling author, has been chosen to continue the Spenser series, and Mike Lupica, another New York Times bestselling writer, is now writing the Jesse Stone series. In addition, Robert Knott has been writing novels continuing the Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch Western series originally created by Parker.

    • Are the Robert B. Parker series popular?

      Robert B. Parker is considered one of the leading authors of detective fiction. His book series have not only been bestsellers, but have also been adapted into successful television shows and movies. His Spenser series, in particular, is considered classic detective fiction, with the character of private investigator Spenser long being a favorite among readers.

    • How can I keep track of the order of Robert B. Parker's books?

      One way to keep track of the order of Robert B. Parker's books is to add them to your online wishlist. This allows for a quick and easy way to know which books you've already read, and which ones are next in your reading order. You can sort the books by publication date to ensure you're reading them in order.

    • Who are some other authors I might enjoy if I like Robert B. Parker's books?

      If you enjoy Robert B. Parker's books, you might also like the works of other authors of detective fiction such as Raymond Chandler, author of the Philip Marlowe series, or Ace Atkins, who not only continues Parker's Spenser series, but also has his own series of novels. Another author to consider is Mike Lupica, who continues the Jesse Stone series and is known for his sports-themed mysteries.

    • How can I add Robert B. Parker books to my collection?

      Robert B. Parker books can be added to your collection in several ways. If you prefer physical books, you can buy them in hardcover or paperback from various bookstores or online retailers. For digital readers, Parker's books are available for Kindle publication and can be added quickly to your e-library. Also, keep an eye for top books and reviews to add to your collection.

    • Do Robert B. Parker's books contain elements of romance and humor?

      Yes, while Robert B. Parker's books primarily fall under the detective fiction genre, many of them contain elements of romance and humor. For instance, in the Spenser series, the private investigator often finds himself involved in romantic situations with his longtime girlfriend, Susan. The humor in Parker's books often comes from the witty dialogues and the banter between characters.