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Jesse Stone Books in Order (21 Book Series)


Jesse Stone is a series of 21 books written by 4 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • I recently stumbled upon the Jesse Stone series. Could you please tell me what it's about?

      Absolutely! The Jesse Stone series consists of detective novels written by the renowned author Robert B. Parker. The series revolves around Jesse Stone, who is an ex-LAPD detective turned police chief. When he relocates to the small town of Paradise, he brings with him his hard-boiled detective skills and a knack for getting into the heart of the town's mysteries. This fiction series is a fantastic blend of mystery, romance, and adult themes.

    • Is there an order to the Jesse Stone novels?

      Yes, there is indeed an order to the Jesse Stone novels. It's recommended to read them in the order that they were published to get the full experience. You'll follow Jesse Stone's journey from a newcomer in Paradise to an integral part of the town's fabric.

    • What's the first book in the Jesse Stone series?

      The first book in the Jesse Stone series is "Night Passage." It's here where we get our introduction to Jesse Stone and the town of Paradise. We see Jesse tackle his first case as a small-town police chief while also dealing with personal problems. It's a fantastic entry point into the series.

    • How many books are there in the Jesse Stone series?

      In total, there are 20 books in the Jesse Stone series, including those written by Robert B. Parker and the ones penned by Michael Brandman and Reed Farrel Coleman after Parker's death.

    • Can you provide me with a list of the Jesse Stone books in order?

      Sure, here's the order of the Jesse Stone books: Night Passage, Trouble in Paradise, Death in Paradise, Stone Cold, Sea Change, High Profile, Stranger in Paradise, Night and Day, Split Image, Robert B. Parker's Killing the Blues, Robert B. Parker's Fool Me Twice, and so forth. You can find the complete list on the author's website or any popular book retail website.

    • Where can I purchase these Jesse Stone books?

      The Jesse Stone books are available in many formats - hardcover, paperback, and Kindle versions. You can find them on major online retail websites. Just add them to your cart, check the price Jesse Stone books are going for, and proceed to checkout. For audiobook lovers, there are Jesse Stone audiobooks available too!

    • Can you tell me more about the author of the Jesse Stone series?

      Of course, the Jesse Stone series was originally written by Robert B. Parker until his death in 2010. Parker was known for his engaging crime fiction and was often compared to Raymond Chandler. After Parker's death, the series was continued by Michael Brandman and Reed Farrel Coleman, who have maintained the spirit and voice of the original books.

    • How well received is the Jesse Stone series?

      The Jesse Stone series has been very well received by fans and critics alike. The novels are often praised for their tight plotting, well-rounded characters, and engaging mystery elements. They frequently find a place on top reading lists and have a high shelf rate among readers.

    • Is there any way to keep track of the Jesse Stone series I have read or want to read?

      Absolutely! Many book websites offer a "menu shelve" option where you can add books you've read or books you want to read. This is a handy feature to keep track of the Jesse Stone series as you go along.