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Spenser Books in Order (50 Book Series)

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Spenser is a series of 50 books written by 2 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • I'm new to the Spenser books by Robert B. Parker. Can you tell me about them?

      Of course! The Spenser series by Robert B. Parker revolves around Spenser, a private detective based in Boston. The series is a mix of mystery, romance, and fiction, and has been highly rated by readers and authors alike. The first book in the series is 'The Godwulf Manuscript book', followed by the 'God Save the Child book.'

    • What's the order of Spenser series books?

      The spenser novels in order begin with ‘The Godwulf Manuscript book’, followed by ‘God Save the Child book’, then the 'Mortal Stakes book', and the 'Promised Land book' comes fourth. For a comprehensive list, you can view details online.

    • Is there a way I can get these Spenser series books online?

      Yes, you can certainly find each book online. Websites like Amazon have a variety of options, including hardcover and Kindle versions. You can view details and add books of your preference to the cart.

    • I love Robert B. Parker's writing. Are there any other series from this author?

      Yes, aside from the Spenser series, Parker has also written the Jesse Stone series, the Sunny Randall series, the Colson series, and the Travers series. Each series maintains its unique blend of mystery and fiction.

    • How do I ensure I get the original hardcover versions of these books?

      One of the best ways to ensure you're getting authentic hardcover versions of these books is by shopping from reputable bookstores or online platforms such as Amazon. You can view details about the book, including its cover type, before you purchase it.

    • Are there any books authored by Parker that are not part of a series?

      Yes, Robert B. Parker did author a few standalone novels as well. However, he is most well-known for his mystery series, especially the Spenser series.

    • How does Robert B. Parker compare to other mystery genre authors?

      Parker is considered one of the top authors in the mystery genre. His books are lauded for their rich details, engaging storytelling, and the depth of his characters. His depiction of Spenser's life in Boston has particularly received high praise.

    • What is the mystery element in these Spenser books?

      The mystery in these books typically revolves around a crime that Spenser has been hired to solve. These crimes range from murder to kidnapping to blackmail, leaving no shortage of suspense for the readers.

    • Do the Spenser series books include elements of romance?

      Yes, along with mystery and fiction, romance plays a crucial role in many of the Spenser books. The romance often revolves around Spenser's life and relationships, adding an extra layer of depth to the character and narrative.