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Philip Marlowe Books in Order (12 Book Series)

Only to SleepFarewell, My LovelyPerchance to Dream

Philip Marlowe is a series of 12 books written by 5 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 12 books


    • What is the complete Philip Marlowe book series in order?

      The Philip Marlowe novels in order, written by Raymond Chandler, are as follows: "The Big Sleep," "Farewell, My Lovely," "The High Window," "The Lady in the Lake," "The Little Sister," "The Long Goodbye," and "Playback." Reading them in this sequence will offer you a coherent progression of the character's development and features of his detective cases.

    • Can you list the Raymond Chandler Philip Marlowe books in order that they were published?

      Yes, to enjoy the full experience of the classic private eye tales, you should read the Philip Marlowe series order following their publication order. The author, Raymond Chandler, crafted each book with a unique mystery that reflects the American culture of his time.

    • I’m new to navigating the philip marlowe series order and setting up my reading list, where should I start?

      If you want to add some hard-boiled detective fiction to your reading menu, I’d suggest starting with the first book, "The Big Sleep," to be introduced to the world of Philip Marlowe - Philip Marlowe's navigating through Los Angeles's top layers of mystery, romance, and murder.

    • Could you tell me more about the Philip Marlowe book series by Chandler and what makes it popular?

      The Philip Marlowe books are renowned for their ingenuity in merging the private detective genre with a unique literary style. Chandler's atmospheric descriptions and witty dialogue have made Marlowe one of the most famous fictional detectives. Plus, the series' tight plots and memorable characters offer a captivating reading experience filled with hard-boiled action and classic American storytelling.

    • How many Philip Marlowe books are there in the series?

      There are seven primary Philip Marlowe novels by Raymond Chandler. Each book offers a standalone story, but to get the full character arc and experience the way Chandler evolved the series across books, it's best to read them in order.

    • Who is the author behind the celebrated Philip Marlowe series?

      The author of the Philip Marlowe series is Raymond Chandler, an American-British writer. Chandler is admired for bringing a degree of literary sophistication to the mystery novel genre and for developing the character of Philip Marlowe, who set the standard for the fictional private detective.

    • Can I find a comprehensive menu link to the order of the Raymond Chandler Philip Marlowe book series on Most Recommended Books?

      Absolutely! On Most Recommended Books we’ve curated an extensive collection of genres and book series, including the celebrated Philip Marlowe series by Raymond Chandler. You can easily navigate our menu to find the complete Marlowe mystery collection and use the links to purchase them on Amazon.