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Margery Allingham Books in Order (40 Book Series)

Blackkerchief DickBlack PlumesCampion at Christmas

Margery Allingham has written a series of 40 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 40 books
    1. 1

      Blackkerchief Dick

      Margery Allingham

    2. 15

      Black Plumes

      Margery Allingham

    3. 17

      The Oaken Heart

      Margery Allingham

    4. 21

      Deadly Duo

      Margery Allingham

    5. 23

      No Love Lost

      Margery Allingham

    6. 24

      Safer Than Love

      Margery Allingham

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    • I'm new to the world of cozy mystery. Can you tell me more about the author Margery Allingham and her books?

      Sure. Margery Allingham was a renowned author in the world of mystery and crime fiction. She is best known for her Albert Campion mysteries, an intriguing series of novels featuring a suave and sophisticated detective. Her books are often categorized as cozy mysteries, a genre of crime fiction where the crime takes place in a small, socially intimate community.

    • What is the correct series order for reading Margery Allingham books?

      The series order for Margery Allingham's books, particularly the Campion series, begins with "The Crime at Black Dudley" and followed by "Mystery Mile". It's crucial to follow the publication order to understand the evolution of Campion's character and the complexity of the mysteries he solves.

    • Can you tell me about the Mike Ripley books that continue the Campion series?

      After the death of author Margery Allingham, Mike Ripley was commissioned to continue the Campion series. His books maintain the tone and spirit of the original Campion mysteries, adding a modern twist to these classic crime tales.

    • What's the best way to organize Margery Allingham books on my bookshelf?

      A read shelving method would be to place them in the series order. This way, you can easily keep track of which Campion mystery to pick up next. You might also want to consider arranging them by book covers or shelf rate, especially if you're a collector of these novels.

    • Where can I find Margery Allingham books for sale?

      Margery Allingham books, including the Campion series, can be found at various book retailers such as Waterstones and on platforms like Audible and Google. You can listen to the mysteries on Waterstones Audible or Audible Google. Kindle versions are also available for e-book readers.

    • How many Campion novels were written by Margery Allingham?

      Margery Allingham authored 18 books featuring Albert Campion. The first novel, "The Crime at Black Dudley", was published in 1929 and the final one, "Campion's Ghost", was completed by her husband after her death and published in 1985.

    • Can you tell me more about the Campion War novels?

      The term "Campion War" refers to the period in the Campion mysteries during which World War II takes place. This period has a significant impact on the tone and plot of the stories, adding another layer of intrigue to the mysteries.

    • Did Margery Allingham write under any pseudonyms?

      Yes, Margery Allingham did write under the pseudonym Maxwell March. These novels tend to be more of thriller genre, quite distinct from her cozy mystery Campion series.

    • Can I subscribe to a newsletter for updates about Margery Allingham books?

      Yes, many top mystery and crime fiction authors have newsletters that you can subscribe to for updates about their books, including new releases and special promotions. While Margery Allingham has passed away, you could look for newsletters run by her estate or by fan clubs dedicated to her work.