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Darren Shan Books in Order (54 Book Series)

Allies of the NightA Living NightmareArchibald Lox and the Bridge Between Worlds

Darren Shan has written a series of 54 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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      Darren Shan

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    • I'm new to the freak book universe and just discovered the Cirque Du Freak. Could someone help me understand the Darren Shan books in their correct order?

      Welcome to the captivating world of Darren Shan! The Cirque Du Freak books in order begin with 'Cirque du Freak', followed by 'The Vampire's Assistant', 'Tunnels of Blood', 'Vampire Mountain', 'Trials of Death', and several others. The full series is a thrilling ride through the author's unique world!

    • Are there reviews available for the Darren Shan series? I'd like to see what other readers think.

      Yes, you can find many reviews for the Darren Shan books online. These reviews are immensely helpful in providing insights into the plotlines, character development, and overall reading experience of the series.

    • I'm a Kindle user. Can I get Darren's books in Kindle format, particularly the Zom-B series?

      Absolutely! There are Kindle versions available for many of Darren Shan's books. This includes the popular Zom-B series, with titles such as 'Kindle Zom-B', 'Kindle Archibald', and other thrilling novels in the saga.

    • I heard that the Cirque Du Freak books were also turned into a manga series. Is this true?

      That's correct! The Cirque Du Freak series has indeed been adapted into a manga series. Some of the titles include 'Manga Vol 1: Cirque Du Freak', 'Manga Vol 2: The Vampire's Assistant', and others. These adaptations bring Darren Shan's world to life with graphic illustrations.

    • I'm a fan of Darren Shan but I've only read the Cirque Du Freak series. Are there other novels by this author?

      Yes, Darren Shan has written other novels beyond the Cirque Du Freak series. These include the Demonata series (with books like 'Demonata Vol 1: Lord Loss'), the Zom-B series, and standalone novels like 'The Thin Executioner'.

    • What genres do the Darren Shan books fall under? I'm interested in both fiction and romance.

      Darren Shan's books primarily fall under the fiction genre, specifically horror and fantasy. While there are elements of romance in some of his novels, they are generally more focused on dark fantasy and thrilling adventures.

    • I've heard that the Cirque Du Freak series has different formats. Are there hardcover and paperback options?

      Yes, most of Darren Shan's books, including the Cirque Du Freak series, are available in both hardcover and paperback formats. This gives readers a choice based on their preferred reading format.

    • Is there an order to the Zom-B series by Darren Shan? I've found multiple books but I'm not sure where to start.

      Yes, there is a specific order to the Zom-B series. It kicks off with the eponymous 'Zom-B', followed by 'Zom-B Underground', 'Zom-B City', and several others. You can find the full order online or in your local bookstore.

    • I've read all the Cirque Du Freak books by Darren Shan and I'm looking for similar books. Can anyone suggest something?

      If you enjoyed the Cirque Du Freak series, you might want to try the Demonata series by Darren Shan. It's another dark fantasy series that explores a terrifying world of demons. Or, for a change of pace, you could try the Lox series by other authors, which also delves into a fantastic, albeit different, world.