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Dav Pilkey Books in Order (66 Book Series)

A Tale of Two KittiesA Friend For DragonBig Dog and Little Dog

Dav Pilkey has written a series of 66 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 66 books


    • What are the Dav Pilkey books in order?

      When looking for Dav Pilkey books in order, one must consider the various series he has authored. For example, the "Captain Underpants" series, starting with "The Adventures of Captain Underpants" and concluding with "Captain Underpants and the Preposterous Plight of the Purple Potty People," should be read in chronological order to fully enjoy the character development and plot progression. The full order can be found on our website, where we link to each book's Amazon page for easy access to these beloved children's novels.

    • Can you list all the Dav Pilkey series' chronologically?

      Certainly! Dav Pilkey has created multiple series. The "Captain Underpants" series is one of his most popular, followed by the "Dog Man" series, which is a spin-off from the Captain Underpants books. The "Dumb Bunnies" series and the "Dragon" series are also well-known among his readers. Each series by this author is listed chronologically on our website, along with links to their respective pages on Amazon.

    • Who is Dav Pilkey?

      Dav Pilkey is a renowned author and illustrator best known for his humorous children's books, such as the "Captain Underpants" series and the "Dog Man" series. His writing is characterized by its engaging and often silly content, which resonates with young readers worldwide. Pilkey's talent for connecting with children has made his books a staple in many homes and classrooms.

    • How can I find books written by Dav without knowing the series' name?

      If you're looking to discover books by Dav without having a specific series in mind, you can browse our curated collection of his works on our website. We organize Pilkey's stand-alone titles and series in a user-friendly way, providing you with links to view and purchase them directly through Amazon.

    • Why is Pilkey's writing style so appealing to young readers?

      Pilkey's writing style is particularly appealing to young readers due to its unique blend of humor, action, and relatable characters. He often incorporates playful elements like flip-o-rama and comic book-style illustrations that engage children and encourage them to continue reading. Pilkey has a knack for weaving in themes of friendship, empathy, and creativity, which resonate with his audience.

    • What book started Dav Pilkey's career as an author?

      Dav Pilkey began his career as an author with the book "World War Won," which won a national competition for student authors and kick-started his writing journey. Since then, he has written numerous best-selling books that have delighted children around the world.

    • Are there any new releases or upcoming books from the author Dav Pilkey?

      As an author continually creating new content, Dav Pilkey often has upcoming books that are highly anticipated by fans. We keep our readers updated with the latest releases and future publications. By visiting our website, you will find information on new and upcoming books from Dav Pilkey, along with links to Amazon where they can be pre-ordered or purchased upon release.