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Lisa Jewell Books in Order (21 Book Series)

A Friend of the Family31 Dream StreetAfter the Party

Lisa Jewell has written a series of 21 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • I'm a new fan of Lisa Jewell's books and I'm curious about where to start. Can you provide a list of Lisa Jewell books in order of their release?

      Sure, Lisa Jewell's books have been published over the years by different publishers, including Publisher Atria. You can check her latest book at the book hub, and it's also worth noting that Lisa Jewell books have been featured in many book clubs. To know the order in which her books were released, consult various platforms such as Apple Books, or Books Waterstones for a comprehensive list.

    • I'm into reading challenges and would love to know more about Lisa Jewell's books. Are they ranked in any particular order?

      Yes, Lisa Jewell's books are often ranked based on their avg rating, popularity, and appeal to readers. You can find these rankings on various platforms such as Kindle Publication, which offers a read saving feature that lets you mark books you're interested to read.

    • Can you tell me more about Lisa Jewell as an author? And what are her series of books about?

      Lisa Jewell is a renowned author known for her thrilling novels that often revolve around family dynamics and mysteries. One of her series, featuring characters like Josie and Alice, is a masterful blend of family drama and mystery thriller.

    • What is Lisa Jewell's latest book about?

      Lisa Jewell's latest book, "The Family Upstairs," is a thrilling mystery about an unsuspecting woman named Libby Jones, who inherits a house from her birth parents, only to discover the dark secrets it holds. It's a gripping family drama that continues to enthrall readers many years after its release.

    • How often does Lisa Jewell release books?

      Lisa Jewell has been consistently releasing books over the years. Her novels usually come out every one to two years, giving her fans something exciting to look forward to.

    • What is the best order to read Lisa Jewell's books?

      While Lisa Jewell's books can be read in any order, some readers prefer to read them in the order in which they were published. This gives a unique perspective on the author's growth and the evolution of her storytelling over the years.

    • I'd like to host a book club party themed around Lisa Jewell's books. Can you suggest a list of books that would be ideal for this?

      Absolutely! For a Lisa Jewell-themed book club party, a list of her most popular books would include "The House We Grew Up In," "The Third Wife," and "Then She Was Gone." These books showcase Lisa Jewell's thrilling storytelling and compelling exploration of family dynamics.

    • Can you recommend a Lisa Jewell book that's been particularly popular with readers?

      Yes, Lisa Jewell's book "Then She Was Gone" has been highly popular with readers. This thriller about a woman named Alix who is forced to confront her family's past after her daughter goes missing, has captivated readers with its intense mystery and exploration of family dynamics.

    • What's a unique aspect of Lisa Jewell's books that sets them apart?

      Lisa Jewell's books are known for their compelling exploration of family dynamics, character-driven plots, and engrossing mysteries. Her unique storytelling style sets her books apart and continues to captivate readers around the world.