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Simon Brett Books in Order (94 Book Series)

A Box of Tricks1st CulpritA Comedian Dies

Simon Brett has written a series of 94 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 94 books


    • Can I find a complete list of Simon Brett books in order on Most Recommended Books?

      Yes, on Most Recommended Books, you can find a comprehensive listing that includes all of Simon Brett's books in order. We have curated sections that arrange his novels by series and standalone works to help readers follow the author's publication timeline or series continuity.

    • How do I get started with Simon Brett's cozy books?

      For newcomers to Simon Brett's fiction, you might want to begin with one of his popular series like the Charles Paris mysteries. Brett's engaging writing and knack for crafting cozy mysteries make his novels a great entry point into his body of work. You can find links to the paperbacks or Kindle editions of Simon Brett's books on our site, conveniently redirecting you to Amazon to add them to your collection.

    • What are some signature themes in Simon Brett novels?

      Simon Brett's novels often combine the elements of mystery with a touch of humor and sharp societal observations. As an author, his work frequently delves into the world of show business, using his own background as a former radio and television producer. His characters, such as the actor and sleuth Charles Paris and the middle-aged detective pair Carole and Jude, move through intriguing plots that explore human nature and the quirks of everyday life in a cozy yet suspenseful setting.

    • Who is Simon Brett?

      Simon Brett is an esteemed British author and a former radio and television producer. Renowned for his detective fiction series, Brett has a prolific career that spans decades, with several of his novels adapted into radio and TV dramas. Simon Brett takes readers on captivating journeys with relatable characters who solve complex mysteries.

    • What makes Brett's books stand out among other authors of the detective genre?

      Brett's books offer a unique blend of wry humor, theatrical insights, and engaging mystery that sets them apart from many other authors in the detective fiction genre. His experience as an actor often informs his characters and settings, providing an authentic backdrop for the captivating whodunits that unfold within the pages of his novels.

    • Is it necessary to read Simon Brett's book series in order?

      While each of Simon Brett's book series can be enjoyed as standalone stories, reading them in order allows readers to better understand the character development and backstory that unfolds across the books. For the optimal experience of the full arc of characters like Carole and Jude, and series such as the Charles Paris novels, we recommend following the series order.

    • Are Simon Brett's books available in different formats?

      Yes, Simon Brett's books are available in various formats including paperback, Kindle, and often as audiobooks as well. Whether you prefer a traditional physical copy from Severn House, the original house that publishes some of his works, or the convenience of an e-book, you can find the preferred format through our links to Amazon.