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Harlan Coben Books in Order (34 Book Series)

CaughtBack SpinDarkest Fear

Harlan Coben has written a series of 34 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 34 books
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      Play Dead

      Harlan Coben

    2. 19


      Harlan Coben

    3. 24

      Six Years

      Harlan Coben

    4. 31

      Run Away

      Harlan Coben

    5. 34

      The Match

      Harlan Coben

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    • I've recently become interested in Harlan Coben books and I want to start reading them. Can you help me understand the order of his novels, especially the Myron Bolitar series?

      Absolutely, the novels Harlan Coben has written can be divided into those that are part of the Myron Bolitar series and those that are standalone novels. The Myron Bolitar series, featuring the agent Myron Bolitar, began with "Deal Breaker" in 1995. To fully appreciate the character development and mystery, it's recommended to read the Bolitar series in the order of their release.

    • Could you break down the Bolitar series order in more detail? I'd like to get a sense of Harlan Coben's books and the progression of his writing style.

      Of course! The Bolitar series by author Harlan Coben follows a consistent order. After "Deal Breaker," the next books are "Drop Shot," "Fade Away," "Back Spin," "One False Move," "The Final Detail," "Darkest Fear," "Promise Me," "Long Lost," "Live Wire," and "Home." These books showcase the suspense Harlan is known for, with the latest in the series, "Home," being released a few years ago.

    • I keep hearing about a Mickey Bolitar series. How does this relate to the Myron Bolitar series and what's the order of these books?

      Mickey Bolitar, Myron's nephew, is the protagonist of another series by Harlan Coben. These books follow Mickey's life and his own mysteries. The order of the Mickey Bolitar series is "Shelter," "Seconds Away," and "Found." These books also maintain the thrilling and gripping style that Harlan Coben's books are known for.

    • What about Harlan Coben's standalone novels? Is there an order I should follow when reading those?

      Standalone novels can be read in any order, hence the term "standalone," but if you're interested in the order of their release, the debut was "Play Dead," followed by numerous others, including "Tell No One," "Gone For Good," "The Innocent," "Just One Look," and the latest, "Win." While these are not part of the Myron or Mickey Bolitar series, they still offer the same thrilling and mystery-filled reading experience.

    • Alright, I'm sold! I want to buy Harlan Coben's books. Where can I find them?

      You can purchase Harlan Coben's books through numerous online outlets, including bookstores and digital platforms like Kindle. Publication order and book covers for both the Myron Bolitar series and standalone novels can be easily found on these platforms.

    • I heard that some of Harlan Coben's books have been adapted for Netflix. Which ones are they?

      Yes, indeed! Harlan Coben's standalone thrillers, "The Stranger," "Safe," "The Woods," and "The Innocent" have all been adapted into gripping Netflix series. These adaptations bring the suspense and mystery of Coben's writing to life onscreen.

    • I saw that Harlan Coben has won several awards. Can you tell me more about these recognitions?

      Harlan Coben is indeed a decorated author. He's a winner of the Edgar Award, Shamus Award, and Anthony Award, making him one of the few authors to have won all three of these prestigious accolades. He's also a New York Times bestselling author, certainly a testament to his popularity and the quality of his novels.

    • As an author, what sets Harlan Coben apart from others in the mystery and thriller genre?

      Harlan Coben is known for his ability to weave intricate plots with unexpected twists and turns. His characters, including Myron and Mickey Bolitar, are relatable and well-developed, and his standalone novels are equally compelling. His books often explore the themes of loss, redemption, and the impact of secrets on relationships, all set against the backdrop of gripping suspense.

    • Are there any upcoming books from Harlan Coben that I should be on the lookout for?

      Yes, Harlan Coben continues to write and release new novels. You can follow his website or social media profiles for updates on his latest works.