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Kendra Elliot Books in Order (30 Book Series)

A Merciful FateA Merciful DeathA Merciful Promise

Kendra Elliot is a series of 30 books written by 2 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • What are some Kendra Elliot books in order?

      Kendra Elliot's book collection starts with "Hidden" and "Chilled" as the first two in the Bone Secrets series. Then follows the Callahan and McLane series starting with "Vanished", and the Mercy Kilpatrick series which begins with "A Merciful Death". The Widow's Island novella series, a collaboration between author Kendra Elliot and Melinda Leigh, starts with "Close to the Bone".

    • Who is the author Kendra Elliot?

      Kendra Elliot is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author who has sold over two million books. She specializes in romantic suspense and mystery stories, and is particularly known for her series involving FBI agents and gripping thriller plots.

    • What is unique about the series of books by Kendra Elliot?

      The author Kendra Elliot's series are unique in their blend of romance, suspense, and mystery. Each series often focuses on a specific group or profession, such as FBI agents in the Callahan and McLane series, or forensic anthropologists in the Bone Secrets series. Each series also carries a distinct mood and setting, creating a rich backdrop for the thrilling mysteries.

    • Can you tell me more about the Rogue Novella series by Kendra Elliot?

      Sure. Kendra Elliot has written a series of short story novellas titled the Rogue series. These include "Rogue River Novella", "Rogue Winter Novella", "Rogue Vows Novella", and "Rogue Justice Novella". The Rogue series is known for its romantic suspense and quick-paced mystery plots.

    • What kind of reviews do Kendra Elliot books receive generally?

      Kendra Elliot's books generally receive an avg rating of 4-5 stars. However, like any author, she also has books with clear ratings of less than stellar reviews. The error rating of her books is minimal, indicating that the majority of readers have a shared positive experience reading her stories.

    • What is the most recent series by Kendra Elliot?

      The most recent series by author Kendra Elliot is the Widow's Island Novella series. This mystery and romantic suspense series is co-authored by Melinda Leigh and is available in Kindle format as well.

    • Can I read Kendra Elliot books in any order?

      While each of Kendra Elliot's books can stand on their own, reading them in publication order can provide a richer understanding of the characters and the author's development of the story arcs. Reading series in order often allows readers to follow recurring characters and ongoing plots.

    • Are Kendra Elliot's book covers distinctive?

      Yes, Kendra Elliot's book covers are distinctive, usually featuring a blend of landscape and character images that hint at the mystery and suspense within. The covers, like the stories themselves, often carry a moody and atmospheric vibe.

    • What is the general theme of Kendra Elliot's books?

      Kendra Elliot's books are generally themed around romantic suspense and mystery. They often involve a strong female lead, often an FBI agent, navigating complex relationships while solving intricate mysteries. With a blend of romance, suspense, and mystery, Kendra Elliot's books provide a thrilling read.