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Holly Black Books in Order (44 Book Series)

Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around YouA Giant ProblemBlack Heart

Holly Black is a series of 44 books written by 2 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • What's the order of the Holly Black books?

      The Holly Black books are best read in publication order. To start, there's the "Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale" series, which introduced the author to the young adult fiction audience. Then, there's the "Spiderwick Chronicles" series, co-authored with Tony DiTerlizzi, a series that gained a wide following. The "Curse Workers" series followed, showcasing the author's penchant for fantasy and urban legends. Her standalone novel "The Coldest Girl in Coldtown" was also popular among readers. Lastly, the "Folk of the Air" series put Black firmly on the map as a leading voice in YA fantasy.

    • How can I add Holly Black books to my wishlist quick?

      It's simple! Just search for the holly book you want on your preferred online bookstore, then click the 'add to wishlist' button. Some platforms even allow you to add books directly from the author's page, making it easier for you to track new releases and complete your collection.

    • When I am done with a book, how can it be removed from my wishlist?

      Once you've finished reading a holly black book, you can easily remove it from your wishlist. Just go to your wishlist, find the book, and click 'remove'. This way, your wishlist stays up-to-date with the books you're yet to read.

    • What's the avg rating for Holly Black books?

      The average rating for Holly Black books vary but are generally high - often around 4 out of 5 stars. This is testament to the author's ability to captivate readers with her fantasy tales filled with faerie lore and urban mysticism.

    • Can I find any short story from Holly Black?

      Yes, Holly Black has written several short stories. Among them is "The Rowan Gentleman" from the "Tales from the Flat Earth" series, and "In Vodka Veritas" from the "21 Proms" anthology. Both stories showcase the author's knack for weaving tales filled with fantasy and wonder.

    • What can you tell me about the black books from Holly Black?

      Holly Black's black books are renowned for their engrossing combination of fantasy, faerie lore, and modern realism. They often feature young protagonists dealing with mundane problems in a world filled with magic and wonder. The author's black books have captivated audiences middle aged and younger, earning her numerous awards and accolades.

    • Can you tell me more about Holly Black's involvement with the Lumberjanes series?

      Holly Black has written a short story for the Lumberjanes series titled "The Infernal Compass." Illus. Scott Peterson. Aside from this contribution, she is not directly involved with the main series.

    • Are Holly Black's books available in other formats aside from paperback?

      Yes, aside from paperback, Holly Black's books are also available in hardcover, Kindle, and audiobook formats. This gives readers the flexibility to consume the author's tales in a format that suits their preferences.

    • Is there a specific age group that Holly Black's books cater to?

      Holly Black's books are primarily targeted at young adults, but they also cater to adults who enjoy fantasy fiction. Her books often revolve around faerie tales and urban fantasy, themes that appeal to a wide range of readers. They've been warmly received by audiences, earning her the prestigious New York Times Bestselling Author title.