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World of Warcraft Books in Order (22 Book Series)

Beyond the Dark PortalBefore the StormCycle of Hatred

World of Warcraft is a series of 22 books written by 3 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • I recently found a post on Reddit discussing the Warcraft books in order. Can you provide more explanation about this?

      Absolutely! The World of Warcraft book series is renowned for its rich lore and vibrant storytelling. It consists of numerous novels, short stories, and other texts that expand upon the universe of the popular video game. Reading the World of Warcraft books in a certain order can provide a chronological understanding of events and characters in the series.

    • I noticed on Windows Central that there's quite a debate among members about the best way to approach the Warcraft novels. What's your take on this?

      Good observation! It's indeed a hot topic on platforms like Windows Central. The World of Warcraft novels are a great way to dive deeper into the lore of the game, but it can be confusing to know where to start. Some recommend reading the books in the order they were published, while others suggest a chronological order based on the timeline of the Warcraft universe.

    • I just watched the Warcraft film and really enjoyed it. Are there any novels related to the movie that I should read next?

      Yes, there are! The Warcraft film can be a perfect gateway into the world of Warcraft novels. The movie is largely based on the lore from the games and the books, and there are several novels like "Durotan" by Christie Golden that tie directly into the film's plot.

    • I've been hearing a lot about the Burning Legion in the Warcraft books. Could you tell me more about where I might find more of their story?

      Sure thing! The Burning Legion is a major part of the World of Warcraft lore. You can read more about them in several of the World of Warcraft books, such as "War of the Ancients" trilogy and "The Last Guardian". These books offer a deep dive into the history and workings of the Burning Legion.

    • Is there any way to "book refresh" my knowledge on the Warcraft novels without having to re-read everything?

      A good way to refresh your understanding of the Warcraft novels without re-reading them is through summaries or synopses available online. Websites like WoWpedia or Windows Central often have detailed summaries of the novels.

    • What would you recommend to do for a "book clear" if I get confused while reading the Warcraft novels?

      If you find yourself confused while reading the Warcraft novels, it might be helpful to pause and look up any characters or events you're unsure about. Resources like WoWpedia or the World of Warcraft community on Reddit can be very useful to clarify any confusing points.

    • Is there an order recommended by the author of the Warcraft series or is it a matter of personal preference?

      While there isn't a specific order recommended by the authors of the World of Warcraft books, many fans suggest reading them in the order of their publication. This way, you can follow the lore and storylines as they were originally presented. However, it's ultimately a matter of personal preference.

    • I've heard the phrase "Amazon Azeroth" thrown around in relation to the Warcraft novels. What does this mean?

      "Amazon Azeroth" is a term sometimes used to refer to the selection of World of Warcraft books available on Amazon. It playfully likens the expansive selection of books to the vast world of Azeroth in the Warcraft universe.

    • Where can I find more discussions about the Warcraft novels, like the one I found on Windows Central?

      You can find more discussions about the Warcraft novels on various online platforms. Websites like Reddit have active communities of Warcraft fans where you can find many insightful threads and comments, and post share your own thoughts and questions.