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Stephen King Books in Order (66 Book Series)


Stephen King is a series of 66 books written by 3 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 66 books
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      Stephen King

    2. 4

      The Stand

      Stephen King

    3. 10


      Stephen King

    4. 15


      Stephen King

    5. 16


      A Novel

      Stephen King

    6. 26


      Stephen King

    7. 40


      Stewart O'Nan

    8. 44


      Stephen King

    9. 53


      Stephen King

    10. 60


      Stephen King

    11. 64


      Stephen King

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    • What's the correct order for reading stephen king books, especially when it comes to series?

      The correct order for reading stephen king books, particularly when it comes to series like the dark tower, can be found in a comprehensive list online. This list of stephen king books in order arranges the novels, short story collections, and nonfiction works by the author chronologically, from his earliest works to his most recent.

    • I'm a fan of Stephen King's short stories. Do you have a list of stephen king books that are short story collections?

      Yes, there are several Stephen King books that are short story collections. Some popular ones include 'Night Shift', 'Skeleton Crew', and 'Everything's Eventual'. King's short story collections are often filled with horrifying tales that will leave you hooked and wanting to read more of King's works.

    • I am considering reading the "Green Mile" series by Stephen King. Could you recommend the best order to read these books?

      Absolutely! The Green Mile is a brilliant series by Stephen King, originally published as a serial novel in six parts. To get the most out of the story, you should read the books in the order King intended: starting with "The Two Dead Girls," followed by "The Mouse on the Mile," "Coffey's Hands," "The Bad Death of Eduard Delacroix," "Night Journey," and finally, "Coffey on the Mile."

    • I am interested in Stephen King's upcoming works. Can you provide a list of Stephen King's works that are expected to be published soon?

      Sure, you can find a list of Stephen King's works upcoming for publication on his official website or on popular book platforms like Doubleday or Amazon. As of now, he has a few intriguing titles lined up, including a novella in September, another in April, and one more in August.

    • Can you suggest a Stephen King book that would be a good starting point for a newcomer to his works?

      A great Stephen King book for newcomers might be 'Carrie', King's first published novel. It's a relatively short read compared to some of King's other works and provides a good introduction to his style of writing. You may also consider starting with his novella 'Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption', which was later adapted into the critically acclaimed film 'The Shawshank Redemption'.

    • I am a huge fan of Stephen King's books. Can you tell me where I can find a comprehensive list of all his works in order?

      A comprehensive list of Stephen King books in order can be found on his official website. This list includes all his novels, short story collections, and nonfiction works arranged chronologically. You can also find such a list on book websites like Amazon or Doubleday.

    • I recently read a Stephen King book that mentioned something about a 'pan book'. Can you tell me more about this?

      A 'pan book' generally refers to the UK publishing company, Pan Books, known for publishing popular and genre fiction. It's possible that the Stephen King book you read referred to a version of one of his works published by Pan Books.

    • I've heard that Stephen King doesn't always publish under his own name. Is this true?

      Yes, that's true. Stephen King has published several books under the pseudonym Richard Bachman. These include 'The Running Man', 'Thinner', and 'The Long Walk', among others. King's reason for this pseudonym was to answer critics who claimed that he was only successful because of mass marketing, not his writing abilities.

    • I've read all Stephen King books and loved them. What else can I read that's similar?

      If you love Stephen King books, you might enjoy books by authors who have a similar style or who have been influenced by King. Try authors like Dean Koontz, Peter Straub, or King's own son, Joe Hill. Their works share King's knack for blending the ordinary and the extraordinary, creating chilling and engaging stories.