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Tamora Pierce Books in Order (33 Book Series)

Alanna: The First AdventureAir and EarthBattle Magic

Tamora Pierce has written a series of 33 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 33 books
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    33 books in this series

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    • Can the author Tamora Pierce reply to me with the correct order to read her books series?

      While Tamora Pierce herself may not be available to reply, I can certainly help you with the order of her book series!

    • I've heard about Tamora Pierce's fantasy series, can you give me a quick add to my wishlist?

      Absolutely, I can give you a 'wishlist quick add' for Tamora Pierce's fantasy series. There are several series in the Tortall universe; starting with "Song of the Lioness" followed by the "Immortals," "Protector of the Small," "Daughter of the Lioness," and the "Beka Cooper" series. Enjoy your reading!

    • I've added Tamora's Pierce books to my wishlist, but I changed my mind about some. How can I have those wishlist removed?

      It's easy to have books removed from your wishlist. Simply go to your wishlist, locate Tamora Pierce's books you no longer want, and click 'remove'. Your 'wishlist removed' action will be confirmed thereafter.

    • My friend recommended reading Tamora Pierce's books on Kindle. How can I add them to my reading list?

      To add Tamora Pierce's books to your Kindle reading list, simply search the specific book title on your Kindle’s store. Click 'add to wishlist', and voila - you've just experienced a 'kindle publication wishlist added' moment!

    • I've read some of Tamora's books and loved them. How can I leave reviews and add more of her books to my shelf?

      You can leave reviews and add more of Tamora's books to your shelf by going to the books' individual pages on an online bookstore or a book review site. There, you can 'reviews add' your thoughts and 'shelf rate' the books according to your preference.

    • I've heard that Tamora Pierce's books are a blend of fantasy and romance. Where can I read more about this?

      Tamora Pierce's books can indeed be classified as a blend of fantasy and romance. As an author, she has crafted rich characters and stories within the Tortall universe. You can read more about this by searching online for reviews, interviews, and analyses of her work.

    • I've finished my previous reading list and need new fantasy books to read. Can I quickly add Tamora Pierce's books online?

      Yes, you can quickly add Tamora Pierce's books to your online reading list. Just search for each book, click 'add to wishlist' or 'add to cart', and you've achieved an 'online add' of a fantasy marvel to your reading list!

    • I've heard about the Tortall legends featured in Tamora Pierce's books. Can you tell me more?

      Yes, the "Tortall legend" is a series of novels by Tamora Pierce, set in the same universe as her other series. They feature strong female characters and are imbued with elements of fantasy and fiction. They are a must-read for any fan of fantasy literature!

    • I am a fan of adult fantasy fiction. Which of Tamora Pierce's series should I start reading?

      As an author, Tamora Pierce has several series set in the Tortall universe that appeal to an adult audience. You may want to start with the "Song of the Lioness" series, which introduces the reader to the world of Tortall; or the "Beka Cooper" series, which has a more mature tone. Happy reading!