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Sweet Magnolias Books in Order (11 Book Series)

Catching FirefliesA Slice of HeavenFeels Like Family

Sweet Magnolias is a series of 11 books written by Sherryl Woods. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Can you tell me about the "Sweet Magnolias" books authored by Sherryl Woods?

      Absolutely! The Sweet Magnolias books are a collection of life-affirming fiction novels written by the acclaimed author, Sherryl Woods. These books are set in the fictional town of Serenity, South Carolina and focus on the lives of three friends, one of whom is Dana Sue.

    • What's the order of the "Sweet Magnolias" books?

      The Sweet Magnolias books proceed in a specific order. "Stealing Home" book is the first in the series, followed by "A Slice of Heaven" book. You should continue reading the series in this order for a complete understanding of the storyline.

    • Is the magnolias collection popular?

      Absolutely! The Sweet Magnolias collection has a high shelf rate among readers and is loved for its vivid portrayal of life, love, and friendship.

    • What's the best way to store the sweet magnolias books?

      The best way to preserve the books, and to showcase them, is to shelve Sweet Magnolias books in the order they were released. You can also add them to your menu shelve, which is essentially a list of books you want to read.

    • Is the "Sweet Magnolias" series connected to the books?

      Yes, the Sweet Magnolias series is a Netflix adaptation based on the Sweet Magnolias books. The television show, like the books, takes viewers to the heart of Serenity, South Carolina and the layered lives of its characters.

    • Can I find the sweet magnolias books at my local bookstore?

      Most likely, yes! The Sweet Magnolias books have a high shelf rate, meaning they are usually available at bookstores. You can also check the books section of various online shopping websites and add the series to your cart.

    • What is the genre of these books?

      The Sweet Magnolias books are generally considered contemporary women's fiction. They portray the life, loves, trials and triumphs of three close-knit friends living in the south.

    • Are there other authors who write similar books?

      Yes, there are numerous authors who write within the genre of contemporary women's fiction. However, Sherryl Woods' Sweet Magnolias books have a unique charm that has endeared readers worldwide.

    • How can I keep track of the Sweet Magnolias series?

      You can use a books chevron, which is essentially a bookmark, to keep track of where you are in the series. This can be especially helpful if you're reading several books at once.