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Steven Erikson Books in Order (31 Book Series)

Crack'd Pot TrailBlood FollowsDeadhouse Gates

Steven Erikson has written a series of 31 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 31 books
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      Steven Erikson



    • What is the recommended Steven Erikson fallen books in order?

      The recommended reading order for the fallen Steven Erikson books, particularly his "Malazan Book of the Fallen" series, typically follows the published order to ensure you experience the epic story as the author intended. The first book to read is "Gardens of the Moon," followed by "Deadhouse Gates," and so forth, up until the tenth book, "The Crippled God."

    • Can I find a list of all Erikson books in chronological order?

      Yes, if you're looking to dive into the books Malazan in chronological order of the story within the Malazan Empire universe, you might start with the "Kharkanas Trilogy," which is a prequel to the main series. However, it's often recommended for a richer understanding of the world and characters to first read the books in their publication order.

    • How does reading the novels in the Malazan Empire series in publication order enhance my experience?

      Reading the novels in the Malazan empire series in publication order allows you to experience the unfolding of the epic fantasy narrative as the author Steven Erikson revealed it. This order helps readers to grasp the complex plot developments and intricate connections between characters, ancient history, and various races such as the malazan blood of Tiste Andii and T'lan Imass. Starting with "Gardens of the Moon" will set you on the path that most readers have followed.

    • What should I know about the author Steven Erikson before starting the Malazan series?

      Author Steven Erikson is acclaimed for his contributions to the epic fantasy genre, particularly with his Malazan Book of the Fallen series. His writing is known for intricate plots, complex characters, and a vast world that encompasses a range of races, from the city of the Malazan Empire's army to the ancient Tiste and Assail. Knowing Erikson's reputation for deep world-building and storytelling can enhance your appreciation of the series.

    • Are the Malazan books by Steven Erikson part of a series or standalone novels?

      The Malazan books by Steven Erikson are primarily part of an epic book series known as the "Malazan Book of the Fallen" series. The main series has ten novels, which are designed to be read in a specific sequence. While each book has its own story arc, they are all connected and contribute to the broader epic narrative.

    • Which Steven Erikson book should I start with if I’m new to his writing?

      If you're new to Steven Erikson's writing, it is highly recommended to start with the first book in the Malazan Book of the Fallen series, "Gardens of the Moon." This novel introduces Erikson's vast fantasy world and serves as the entry point to the complexities and the grandeur of the empire, war, magic, and the array of characters that define the series.

    • I am looking for a specific book in the Malazan fallen series to read on my Kindle; can you help me find it?

      Certainly! If you have a specific book from the Malazan series in mind, you can easily find the Kindle version on Amazon through our website, Most Recommended Books. Simply search for the book's title under the Malazan Book of the Fallen series, and you'll be directed to the appropriate page on Amazon to purchase and read it on your Kindle.