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Sarah Addison Allen Books in Order (9 Book Series)

Garden SpellsFirst FrostLost Lake

Sarah Addison Allen has written a series of 9 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    9 books in this series

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    • I've been fascinated with Sarah Addison Allen books. Can you tell me the order to read them?

      Yes, Sarah's books are indeed captivating! Start with "Garden Spells", followed by "The Sugar Queen", "The Girl Who Chased the Moon", "The Peach Keeper", "Lost Lake", and "First Frost". These books cater to a variety of genres, including romance, mystery, and fantasy. Don't forget to tick each off your reading list as you go!

    • I've misplaced my book list of novels by this author. Can you help?

      Of course! The author, Sarah Addison Allen, is known for her enchanting books. They are, in order: "Garden Spells", "The Sugar Queen", "The Girl Who Chased the Moon", "The Peach Keeper", "Lost Lake", and "First Frost". These books are filled with mystery and romance, making them perfect for a cozy evening of reading.

    • Are all Sarah's books part of a series?

      Not all of them. The only series by this author is the "Waverley Family" series which consists of "Garden Spells" and "First Frost". The rest of Sarah's books are standalone novels.

    • I've just finished reading "Garden Spells", what book should I read next?

      Congratulations on finishing "Garden Spells"! Next on the list is "The Sugar Queen". The book is a wonderful blend of romance and mystery, perfect for young adult and general fiction readers alike.

    • Is Sarah's writing available in paperback?

      Absolutely! Sarah's books are not only available in hardcover but also in paperback and kindle publication. You can easily add them to your wishlist quick and easy.

    • How can I add Sarah's books to my wishlist?

      To add Sarah's books to your wishlist, you need to log into your account, search for the book, and click on "add to wishlist". It's as quick as that!

    • I accidentally added a book to my wishlist, how can I remove it?

      Removing a book from your wishlist is simple. Find the book in your wishlist and click on "remove". You'll see the book wishlist removed instantly.

    • Is there any book written by Sarah that includes a lake and friends waking up?

      Yes! You're referring to Sarah's book "Lost Lake". It's a lovely story about friends, love, and, of course, a lake waking up to a new day.

    • I'm madly in love with Sarah's books. Can I write her a letter?

      That's great to hear! You can try reaching out to her through her publisher. Just remember to keep your message brief, your admiration madly but briefly expressed. And wait for a reply, it might take some time but it's worth it!