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Sara Paretsky Books in Order (35 Book Series)

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Sara Paretsky is a series of 35 books written by 2 authors. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is the author of the Warshawski series?

      The author of the Warshawski series is none other than Sara Paretsky, a celebrated writer of mystery stories.

    • Are all the books in the Warshawski series set in the same location?

      Yes, all the books in Sara Paretsky's Warshawski series are set in the vibrant city of Chicago. The city's unique vibe and culture are woven into the mystery and crime elements of the novels.

    • What is the order of Sara Paretsky's Warshawski series?

      The Warshawski series follows a publication order starting from the first book. For detailed information on the title published each year, you can visit the author's page on Amazon view the list.

    • I'm a fan of romance novels, but I've heard good things about Sara Paretsky’s books. Will I enjoy her Warshawski series?

      While primarily known for mystery and crime, Sara Paretsky's Warshawski series does contain elements of romance. So if you enjoy a good love story intertwined with mystery and crime, these books might just be for you.

    • I noticed there are many books in the Warshawski series. How can I keep track of which ones I've read?

      If you're unable to remember which books you've read or you want a systematic method, you can create a wishlist on sites like Amazon. After reading a book, it can be quickly removed from your wishlist, and the next one added.

    • Where can I buy the Warshawski series books in order?

      You can buy the books in the Warshawski series in order from any major book retailer. For online orders, Amazon offers both hardcover and Kindle editions.

    • How will I know what each Sara Paretsky book in the Warshawski series is about?

      For every book in the Warshawski series, you can view details such as book covers, summary, and reviews on websites like Amazon. This ensures you have a good idea of what to expect from the mystery and crime-filled novels before you start reading.

    • Does Sara Paretsky write any other series or books outside of the Warshawski series?

      Yes, Sara Paretsky is a prolific author and has written other mystery novels and books outside of the Warshawski series. These also typically revolve around the themes of crime and mystery, with a dash of romance.

    • I see a menu listed with books by Sara Paretsky, but it's not clear. Can you help me out?

      Of course! This menu probably lists all books by Sara Paretsky in order of their publication. This includes her Warshawski series and any standalone novels. If you're still unable to make sense of it, you can always refer to her page on Amazon or her official website.