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Discworld Books in Order (41 Book Series)


Discworld is a series of 41 books written by Terry Pratchett. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • What's the deal with this Terry Pratchett guy and his Discworld series?

      Terry Pratchett is an acclaimed author known for his humorous and satirical writing style. His Discworld series is a collection of fantasy novels set in a flat disc-shaped world, balanced on the backs of four elephants which in turn stand on the back of a gigantic turtle. It's a wild ride.

    • I'm interested in diving into the Discworld series. Is there a particular reading order I should follow?

      While the books in the Discworld series can be read in the order they were published, the books are loosely connected and can also be read out of order. However, many fans suggest starting with "Guards! Guards!" or "Mort" as they introduce key characters and concepts in the Discworld universe.

    • Wait, so the Discworld novels can be read out of order?

      Yes, the Discworld novels are mostly standalone stories. However, they do share common characters and themes, and some storylines span multiple books. So, while you can technically jump in anywhere, it's often more rewarding to follow the character arcs.

    • I've seen a Discworld book in a store, should I just start there?

      That's one way to do it! While some Discworld books do follow on from each other, most can be enjoyed as standalone novels. If the book's blurb intrigues you, why not give it a go?

    • Is there a menu of sorts for the Discworld series?

      While there isn't a traditional "menu", there are several reading guides available online that suggest different reading orders based on character arcs or themes. You can also find complete lists of the books in publication order if you prefer to read them that way.

    • If I’m new to the Discworld series, where should I start?

      If you're new to the Discworld, a popular starting point is "Guards! Guards!" which is the eighth book in series. It's the first novel featuring the City Watch and gives a great introduction to Pratchett's humor and writing style.

    • Can I get all the Discworld books in one collection?

      While there isn't a box set that contains all the books due to the sheer number of them (over 40!), there are smaller collections available that group together books with the same main characters or themes.

    • The Discworld novels sound interesting. What's the general theme?

      The Discworld novels are a delightful blend of fantasy, satire, and humour. They often play with and skewer traditional fantasy tropes, while also offering poignant commentary on real-world issues.

    • Does each Discworld book focus on the same characters?

      No, each book tend to focus on different characters, although many characters appear in multiple books. There are several key character groups, such as the witches, the City Watch, and Death (who is a character, not just a concept).