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Robyn Carr Books in Order (67 Book Series)


Robyn Carr has written a series of 67 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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      Robyn Carr

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    • Who is the author of the popular Virgin River book series?

      The Virgin River book series is penned by the bestselling author, Robyn Carr. Her books have been a hit in the contemporary romance genre, and the Virgin River series is a testament to her talent as a writer.

    • I've heard a lot about the Virgin River book series, but I'm not sure where to start. Can you provide the books in order?

      Absolutely! Robyn Carr's books, especially the Virgin River series, have a particular publication order. It starts with "Virgin River," followed by "Shelter Mountain", then "Whispering Rock", and so forth. To ensure you enjoy the series to its fullest, you might want to "book clear" your schedule and allow some "read saving" time as the series is quite engaging, which speaks to the talent of author Robyn Carr.

    • I'd like to dive into this series, but I'm worried I might miss a book. Is there a way to refresh my memory on the series order?

      Indeed, there is. A useful trick called a "book refresh" involves revisiting Goodreads author pages, specifically looking at the list of books by the author. For instance, you could visit the page of author Robyn Carr and review her Virgin River series listed in publication order. This should give you a clear idea about where you left off or which book comes next.

    • I've heard there are Christmas themed books within the Virgin River series. Can you tell me more about them?

      Yes, Christmas is a recurring theme in the Virgin River series. In fact, there are several Christmas-themed books within the series, such as "A Virgin River Christmas", "Bring Me Home for Christmas", and "Under the Christmas Tree". These books add a touch of holiday magic to the town of Virgin River, making the series even more enjoyable.

    • Besides the Virgin River series, what other books has this author written?

      Besides the Virgin River series, author Robyn Carr has written a number of other books. She is known for her historical romance novels, such as the "Sullivan's Crossing" series, and has also contributed to several anthologies. This variety of works makes Carr a versatile author loved by millions.

    • Are there any top-rated books by this author that you'd recommend for a romance lover?

      Absolutely! If you're a lover of romance, you'd certainly enjoy the Virgin River series. However, apart from these, the author Robyn Carr has written some standalone contemporary romance books. These include "The House on Olive Street" and "Woman's Own". You might want to add these to your 'must-read' list as well.

    • What is the latest book by Robyn Carr that I can add to my book collection?

      The latest book by author Robyn Carr is "Return to Virgin River", which is the twenty-first volume in the Virgin River series. It's a welcome addition to the series, one that continues to unfold the charming love stories of the town.

    • Can her books be found on Kindle?

      Yes, many of Robyn Carr's books, including the Virgin River series and standalone novels are available for Kindle publication. This makes it easy for readers to access her books wherever they are.

    • Is there a place where I can find a description of each book in the Virgin River series?

      Yes, you can find a description of each book in the Virgin River series on Goodreads. Each book has its own page where you can read the summary, see the publication order, view the books chevron, and read reviews from other readers. It's an excellent resource for any book lover.