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Patricia Briggs Books in Order (30 Book Series)


Patricia Briggs has written a series of 30 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is the author Patricia Briggs?

      Patricia Briggs is an author renowned for her prowess in writing urban fantasy novels. She has created an enchanting world filled with mystery and magic. Her works often blend elements of fantasy, romance, and fiction to create an immersive reading experience.

    • What series of books has Patricia Briggs written?

      Patricia Briggs's most famous series include the Mercedes Thompson series and the Alpha & Omega series. These series have captivated readers around the globe with their unique mix of fantasy, romance, and urban mystery.

    • Can you provide some comments on Patricia Briggs's Alpha & Omega series?

      Sure, the Alpha & Omega series features the character Anna, an extraordinary woman in a world of supernatural creatures. The author's comments read like a love letter to fans of urban fantasy and romance, with a hint of mystery. It has an avg rating that reflects its popularity among readers.

    • How should a new reader approach the book series by Patricia Briggs in order?

      For a new reader, start with the Mercedes Thompson series. The first book, Moon Called, published back in February 2006, sets the stage for the world of Mercedes, a shapeshifting mechanic. After that, you can read each series in the order of publication.

    • How do readers respond to the Alpha & Omega series?

      The Alpha & Omega series, starting with the novella Alpha & Omega published in October 2008, has garnered positive comments from readers. Thanks to the world-building, character development, and a mix of fantasy and romance, the series has a dedicated reader base that eagerly awaits each new book.

    • What is the most recent book by Patricia Briggs?

      The most recent book by Patricia Briggs is the novel “Wild Sign”, the sixth book in the Alpha & Omega series, its kindle publication happened in March 2021. Briggs’s books, are known for their cover art, showcasing the beauty of fantasy and the urban world she crafts in her stories.

    • Are there any special comments about the author's Mercedes Thompson series?

      The author comments that the Mercedes Thompson series, filled with urban fantasy and romance, offers a unique perspective on the character Mercedes, a coyote shapeshifter. Comments read by fans show a wishlist quick to add these novels for their intriguing plot and rich world-building.

    • How can I keep track of new books by Patricia Briggs?

      You can follow the author on her official website or social media platforms. Whenever a new book or a new chapter view is released, she notifies her readers. Don't forget to add her upcoming books to your wishlist!

    • Are there plans for further books in the Alpha & Omega series?

      The author has not officially confirmed any new additions to the series. However, judging by the love for Anna and the world of Alpha & Omega, it wouldn't be a surprise if new books were added to the series in the future.