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Melinda Leigh Books in Order (41 Book Series)


Melinda Leigh has written a series of 41 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Can you tell me about author Melinda Leigh and her books?

      Absolutely! Author Melinda Leigh is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author known for her popular romantic suspense and mystery novels. She has written several series of books, often collaborating with fellow author Kendra Elliot.

    • What is the best order to read the books by Melinda Leigh?

      The best way to read Melinda Leigh's books is in order of publication. Her first series, the "She Can" series, begins with "She Can Run." The "Midnight" series follows, starting with "Midnight Exposure." The romantic suspense series "Scarlet Falls" comes next, and then her "Morgan Dane" series. To fully enjoy the plot development and characters, it's recommended to read these books in order.

    • You mentioned series. How many book series has Melinda Leigh authored?

      Melinda Leigh has authored four main book series and several novellas. These include the "She Can" series, the "Midnight" series, the "Scarlet Falls" series, and the "Morgan Dane" series.

    • Could you provide more specifics about Melinda Leigh's book series order?

      Sure! Going in order, Melinda Leigh's "She Can" series was her first, starting with "She Can Run" in 2011. The "Midnight" series followed in 2012 with "Midnight Exposure". The "Scarlet Falls" series came next, starting with "Hour of Need" in 2014. Her latest, the "Morgan Dane" series, began in 2017 with "Say You're Sorry". Each series consists of multiple books.

    • I've heard Melinda Leigh has collaborated with Kendra Elliot on the Rogue series. What can you tell me about this?

      Yes, Melinda Leigh and Kendra Elliot have indeed co-authored the "Rogue River" series. This romantic suspense series set in the small town of Solitude, Oregon was first introduced in Oct 2014 with "On Her Father's Grave", an Amazon Rogue Kindle publication.

    • Can you tell me more about Melinda Leigh's novellas?

      Melinda Leigh has written several novellas that correspond with her main book series. They usually provide more backstory to characters and events in the main series and are best read in order of their release.

    • Among Melinda Leigh's books, which ones are the most popular?

      Melinda Leigh's "Morgan Dane" series is often considered her most popular, particularly the title "Say You're Sorry". Additionally, her collaborations with Kendra Elliot on the "Rogue River" novellas have been well received.

    • What are the different genres of Melinda Leigh's books?

      Melinda Leigh's books mainly fall under the romantic suspense and mystery genres. However, elements of fantasy and fiction are often woven into her work, making them a hit among a wide range of readers.

    • Where can I find Melinda Leigh's books in order?

      You can find Melinda Leigh's books in order on several online platforms, such as Amazon. Many bookstores also carry her works, and you can ask for them to be arranged in series order.