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John Gwynne Books in Order (9 Book Series)

A Time of CourageA Time of BloodA Time of Dread

John Gwynne has written a series of 9 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Can you provide me with a list of John Gwynne books in order?

      Of course! The order of John Gwynne's books, beginning with his epic fantasy series set in the Banished Lands, starts with "Malice," followed by "Valor," "Ruin", and "Wrath" which completes the first series. His next series, also set in the Banished Lands, begins with "A Time of Dread," "A Time of Blood," and "A Time of Courage." Always a good idea to follow the publication order for the most coherent experience!

    • Where can I purchase the epic fantasy novels of author John Gwynne?

      Author John Gwynne's books can be found on various platforms. You can get his books in paperback or Kindle format on Amazon, at Blackwell Book stores, or from the Book Depository. Just make sure to search the book's title and the author's name.

    • What series did John Gwynne write set in the Banished Lands?

      John Gwynne penned two epic fantasy series set in the Banished Lands. The first series, known as 'The Faithful and the Fallen,' begins with the book "Malice." The second series, titled 'Of Blood and Bone,' starts with "A Time of Dread."

    • Is there a particular order in which I should read the books of John Gwynne?

      Yes, it's best to read the books of John Gwynne in order of publication to fully grasp the narrative. Start with the 'The Faithful and the Fallen' series, then follow up with the 'Of Blood and Bone' series.

    • What are some common comments about John Gwynne's books?

      Many readers and critics praise John Gwynne's books for their richly detailed world-building and compelling characters. Others appreciate the blend of epic fantasy and elements of romance and speculative fiction in his work.

    • How would you reply to comments suggesting that John Gwynne's books are too long?

      It's fair to say that epic fantasy books tend to be lengthy by nature, given the complex world-building and character development involved. However, many fans of the genre, including those of author John Gwynne's books, find this depth and detail to be one of the aspects they enjoy most.

    • What makes the Banished Lands series an epic fantasy?

      The Banished Lands series, penned by author John Gwynne, is considered an epic fantasy due to its detailed world-building, extensive character arcs, and themes involving the gods, good vs evil, and destiny.

    • What was John Gwynne's latest book at the time of writing?

      As of the time of this FAQ, John's latest book is "The Shadow of the Gods," the first in a new series titled 'The Bloodsworn Saga.' It's a bit of a departure from the Banished Lands, but still firmly in the epic fantasy genre.

    • Has author John Gwynne received any notable comments or endorsements from other authors in the fantasy genre?

      Yes, John Gwynne has received high praise from fellow fantasy author Adrian Tchaikovsky, who has twice commented on the immersive nature and compelling characters in Gwynne's epic fantasy novels.