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Matthew Reilly Books in Order (23 Book Series)


Matthew Reilly has written a series of 23 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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      Matthew Reilly

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      Matthew Reilly

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      Cobalt Blue

      Matthew Reilly

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    • Who is Matthew Reilly and what is the order of his novels?

      Matthew Reilly is an author known for his action-adventure novels. The author Matthew Reilly published his first book, "Contest," in 1996, and since then, he's written several series, including the Scarecrow books, Jack West novels, and standalone novels. The series in order typically starts with the Scarecrow books, followed by the adventure Jack West series and the standalone novels - including the Tournament novella.

    • Can you elaborate on the Scarecrow series by Matthew Reilly?

      Yes, the Scarecrow books are one of Matthew Reilly's most popular series. They follow the exploits of Shane Schofield, code named 'Scarecrow.' The action in these books is set in a world of secret military operations and high-stakes adventures. These books have an impressive rating book by book, and their action-packed book covers make them easily recognizable.

    • What is the order of the Scarecrow books by Matthew Reilly?

      The order of the Scarecrow series by Matthew Reilly starts with "Ice Station," followed by "Area 7," "Scarecrow," "Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves," and a short story "Hell Island." For a comprehensive list and order, refer to the ultimate guide to Matthew Reilly books.

    • What is Matthew Reilly's book, "The Tournament" about?

      The Tournament is a standalone novella by Matthew Reilly. It's a bit different from Reilly's usual action-adventure fare, featuring a young Queen Elizabeth I and her tutor Roger Ascham. They are invited to a chess tournament held in Constantinople, where a series of murders unfold. It's a departure into historical fiction for Reilly, with a substantial dose of intrigue and secret plots.

    • Is there a series by Matthew Reilly featuring a character called Jack West?

      Yes! Jack West is the lead character in another series by Matthew Reilly. The series, often referred to as the Jack West series, also takes place in a world of high-stakes adventure, ancient secrets, and thrilling action. The Jack West series includes books like "Seven Ancient Wonders," "The Six Sacred Stones," and "The Five Greatest Warriors."

    • Can we read Matthew Reilly books on Kindle?

      Absolutely! Matthew Reilly books, including the Scarecrow and Jack West series, are available for Kindle publication. You can buy them through various online platforms. This makes reading Matthew Reilly's thrilling novels even more convenient.

    • What is the Hover Car Racer series by Matthew Reilly about?

      Hover Car Racer is another exciting series by Matthew Reilly. This series is set in the world of the future where car racing has evolved into hover car racing. The protagonist, Jason Chaser, is a young hover car racer aiming to win the world's most prestigious hover car racing event. The series offers a unique blend of action, fantasy, and sports intrigue.

    • What is the best order to start reading Matthew Reilly's series?

      If you're new to Matthew Reilly's world of action and adventure, it's recommended you start with the Scarecrow series. Once you've read those, move on to the Jack West series, and then explore his standalone novels, like the Tournament novella. This order will help you appreciate the development of Reilly's writing style and the expansion of his fictional world.

    • Is there a platform where I can find all Matthew Reilly books listed in order?

      Yes, there are several online platforms where you'll find Matthew Reilly books listed in order. Some websites dedicated to authors and books, such as matthewreilly.com, the author's official site, provide a comprehensive list and order of his works. You can also check on online marketplaces like Amazon, where you can also buy the books.