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Matt Helm Books in Order (27 Book Series)


Matt Helm is a series of 27 books written by Donald Hamilton. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • What is the Matt Helm series?

      The Matt Helm series is a set of spy novels penned by author Donald Hamilton. Matt Helm is a secret agent tasked with a variety of thrilling missions. The series is a must-read to anyone interested in espionage and mystery.

    • Who is the author of the Matt Helm books?

      The author of the Matt Helm books is Donald Hamilton, an esteemed writer known for his knack for creating suspenseful narratives.

    • I'm interested in the Matt Helm series. Which book should I start with?

      The first book in the Matt Helm series is "Death of a Citizen". This is where Helm finds himself pulled back into service after his peaceful life in Mexico is disturbed. It is a great starting point to dive into the mystery and intrigue that this series offers.

    • How can I find all the Matt Helm books in order written by Donald Hamilton?

      If you want to find all the Matt Helm books in the order they were written, you can check out book series listings online. Many websites will have them organized chronologically, making it easy for you to start from the beginning with "Death of a Citizen" and work your way through the series.

    • I'm a young adult intrigued by the Matt Helm series. Is it suitable for my age group?

      While the Matt Helm series does revolve around mature themes like espionage, it is still well-loved by young adult readers. The author skillfully interweaves action, mystery, and suspense, making it an engaging read for a wide age range.

    • Are the Matt Helm books written by Donald Hamilton available online?

      Yes, the Matt Helm books written by Donald Hamilton are available online. You can find them on various online platforms, both for kindle and paperback. Several online bookstores also stock them, so you can add them to your cart and have them delivered right to your doorstep.

    • Are the Matt Helm books only a mystery series or do they incorporate other genres as well?

      While the Matt Helm series is primarily a mystery and spy series, author Donald Hamilton also incorporates elements of romance and intrigue into his novels. This makes the books appealing to a diverse range of readers, not just mystery fans.

    • In the Matt Helm series, what comes after the "Death of a Citizen"?

      After "Death of a Citizen", the second book in the Matt Helm series is "The Wrecking Crew". In this installment, Helm is sent on a mission to neutralize a mysterious enemy operative. Like the first novel, it's filled with suspense and action that will keep you gripped from start to finish.

    • Is there a way to keep track of the Matt Helm books I've read and the ones I still need to read?

      Yes, there are several online tools that can help you manage your reading progress. You can use the "read shelving" function on some websites to keep track of the Matt Helm books you've finished and those you're yet to read. This way, you can ensure you're reading the books in order and not missing out on any of Helm's thrilling adventures.