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Matt Haig Books in Order (24 Book Series)

A Mouse Called MiikaA Boy Called ChristmasEcho Boy

Matt Haig has written a series of 24 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    24 books in this series

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    • Can you enlighten me on the matt haig books, specifically the author’s fiction works?

      Sure! Matt Haig's books cover a variety of genres but he is perhaps best known for his fiction novels. These include adult fiction like "The Humans" and "How to Stop Time" as well as Christmas themed children’s books like "A Boy Called Christmas". His works offer a great book refresh if you're looking for something new to delve into.

    • Can I get a review on matt haig as an author and how his books usually portray the world?

      Matt Haig is a critically acclaimed author whose books often provide a thought-provoking perspective on the world. He skillfully blends reality with elements of fantasy and science fiction, creating narratives that explore themes like mental health, family, and the human condition in unexpected ways.

    • I am an avid lover of books. I’d like to read Matt Haig’s books in order. How do I go about this?

      To read Matt Haig's books in order, you should start with his first book, "The Last Family in England" (also known as "The Labrador Pact"), followed by "The Dead Fathers Club", and then "The Radleys". His Christmas books, which include "A Boy Called Christmas", "The Girl Who Saved Christmas", and "Father Christmas and Me", can also be read in that order. Be sure to check the publication dates to keep the list in order.

    • Are there any other authors or books similar to Matt Haig?

      Yes! If you enjoy Matt Haig's books, you might also like works by Naomi Alderman, who also skillfully blends reality with elements of fantasy and science fiction.

    • Do Matt Haig's books come with nice book covers?

      Absolutely! Matt Haig's book covers are often creative and eye-catching, reflecting the unique and imaginative nature of his stories.

    • I need to clear my bookshelf. How can I get Matt Haig’s books on my Kindle?

      Matt Haig's books are widely available for Kindle publication. You can easily find them on Amazon, ready for download and read saving onto your device.

    • I heard that some of Matt Haig’s books have been deleted in England. Is this true?

      No, that's not accurate. None of Matt Haig's books have been "England deleted". All his titles are available for purchase in England and other countries.

    • I prefer audiobooks. Are Matt Haig’s books available in audiobook and paperback formats?

      Yes, Matt Haig's books are available in a variety of formats, including audiobook, paperback, and eBook. You can find them on various platforms including Amazon and Audible.

    • How can I get a complete list of Matt Haig’s books in order?

      A complete list of Matt Haig's books in order can be easily found online, on sites like Goodreads or the author's own website. You can also check Amazon for his eBooks and audiobooks.