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Lynn Cahoon Books in Order (57 Book Series)


Lynn Cahoon has written a series of 57 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is Lynn Cahoon and how has she contributed to the world of cozy mystery series?

      Lynn Cahoon is a prolific author who has made important contributions to the cozy mystery genre. She's best known for her Tourist Trap Mystery series, which has become a top series in the category.

    • I'm interested in Lynn Cahoon's books. Can you give me some details about them?

      Lynn Cahoon's books are known for their inventive plots and memorable characters. Whether it's Jill in the Tourist Trap Mystery series or Angie in the Farm-to-Fork series, Cahoon's protagonists always deliver a satisfying read. If you love cozy mystery books filled with romance, murder, and a pinch of humor, you'll likely enjoy her works.

    • Could you tell me about the mystery series written by this author?

      The author, Lynn Cahoon, has penned a few mystery series, but the Tourist Trap Mystery series is arguably her most popular. Set in the fictional town of South Cove, it revolves around murder investigations led by the protagonist, Jill Gardner.

    • What genre do Lynn Cahoon's books belong to?

      Lynn Cahoon's books mainly belong to the cozy mystery genre, which means they are full of suspense, romance, and murder, but without explicit violence or sex. They constitute a sub-genre of crime fiction where the crime takes place in a small, socially intimate community.

    • How can I find all Lynn Cahoon's books in order?

      You can find Lynn Cahoon's books in publication order on many online platforms. If you prefer digital formats, you should check out the Kindle publication list. Here, you can view all the book covers, read the synopsis, and even see the avg rating for each book.

    • I'm new to cozy mysteries. How do Lynn Cahoon's books fit into this genre?

      Cozy mysteries are a sub-genre of crime fiction characterized by their mild take on violence and their emphasis on solving the mystery at hand. Lynn Cahoon's books perfectly fit this description. Her books are laced with murder and intrigue, but in a manner that's light-hearted and approachable.

    • Is there a privacy policy for obtaining her books, especially digital versions?

      Yes, like all authors, Lynn Cahoon's digital books, like those on Kindle, are subject to a privacy policy. This policy includes storage details for your purchased books and your consent, which is viewed as legitimate interest for the publisher.

    • How can I view the storage details of Lynn Cahoon's books I've purchased?

      When you purchase a book, the storage view is usually available in your account settings. You can also view the storage details outlined in the privacy policy.

    • What are some of the top series by Lynn Cahoon?

      Lynn Cahoon has written a number of bestselling series. The Tourist Trap Mystery series is certainly at the top, followed by the Farm-to-Fork series, and the Cat Latimer series. Each series is known for its engaging mix of murder, mystery, and romance.