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Lynda La Plante Books in Order (50 Book Series)

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Lynda La Plante has written a series of 50 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 50 books
    1. 4

      Bella Mafia

      Lynda La Plante

    2. 7


      Lynda La Plante

    3. 8


      Lynda La Plante

    4. 9


      Lynda La Plante

    5. 10


      Lynda La Plante

    6. 13


      Lynda La Plante

    7. 16

      The Governor

      Lynda La Plante

    8. 24

      Royal Flush

      Lynda La Plante

    9. 28

      Like a Charm

      Lynda La Plante

    10. 36

      The Escape

      Lynda La Plante

    11. 37

      The Little One

      Lynda La Plante

    12. 39


      Lynda La Plante

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    • Can you provide an overview of the Lynda La Plante books?

      Certainly. Lynda La Plante is an acclaimed author, known predominantly for her crime and thriller novels. Her books often focus on police and detective cases set in London, with a mystery element that keeps readers hooked. Her "Prime Suspect" series, featuring Detective Jane Tennison, is particularly popular. She has also written the "Tennison" and "Travis Mystery" series among others.

    • What is the publication order of Lynda La Plante books?

      The publication order of Lynda La Plante's books starts with her debut, "The Legacy", followed by her renowned "Prime Suspect" series, and then moving onto other series and standalone novels. You can find the detailed published details, including book covers and avg rating, on various book retail websites.

    • I'm interested in reading Lynda La Plante's books. Should I read them in publication order?

      Yes, reading Lynda La Plante's series in publication order is generally recommended. This allows for the development of characters and story arcs to be appreciated as the author intended. This is particularly important for series like "Prime Suspect" and "Tennison", where character development and overarching plots span over several books.

    • Is the publication order of the books the same as the sequence of events in the novels?

      Not necessarily. While it's often beneficial to read the books in publication order, it's important to note that the chronological order of events in Lynda La Plante's novels may not align with this. For instance, the "Tennison" series is a prequel to the "Prime Suspect" series, detailing Jane Tennison's early career.

    • What is the most popular series among Lynda La Plante's books?

      The "Prime Suspect" series is arguably the most popular among Lynda La Plante's books. This series was also adapted into a successful television series. The character of Jane Tennison, a gutsy detective in the London police force, tackling high-profile murder cases, has resonated with a vast number of readers worldwide.

    • Can I buy Lynda La Plante's books in publication order?

      Yes, you can certainly buy Lynda La Plante's books in publication order. Many retailers offer the "buy order" option which allows you to purchase the books in the sequence they were published. This can be a good way to ensure you're reading the series as intended by the author.

    • Are all of Lynda La Plante books part of a series?

      No, not all books by Lynda La Plante are part of a series. While she is best known for her series novels, such as "Prime Suspect" and "Tennison", she has also authored standalone novels and general fiction.

    • What is the latest book authored by Lynda La Plante?

      The latest book authored by Lynda La Plante is a continuation of the "Tennison" series. The book, like its predecessors, delivers a thrilling plot centered around detective Jane Tennison. For publication order and more details like title published and availability in hardcover or Kindle publication, you can check online book retail platforms.

    • Are there television adaptations of Lynda La Plante's books?

      Yes, several of Lynda La Plante's books have been adapted for television. The most notable is the "Prime Suspect" series, which was a massive hit and introduced the character of Jane Tennison to a wider audience. Television adaptations help to bring the suspense, mystery, and thrill of La Plante's novels to life.