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Lars Kepler Books in Order (8 Book Series)


Lars Kepler has written a series of 8 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is the author of the popular "Lars Kepler books" that feature the detective Joona Linna?

      The thriller detective series featuring Detective Inspector Joona Linna is penned by author Lars Kepler. It's a pseudonym used by the Swedish author couple, Alexander and Alexandra Ahndoril.

    • What is the right order to read Lars Kepler's books?

      If you're looking to read Lars Kepler's books in order, you should start with "The Hypnotist", followed by "The Nightmare", "The Fire Witness", "The Sandman", "Stalker", "The Rabbit Hunter", "Lazarus", and "The Mirror Man".

    • What kind of genres do Lars Kepler's books fall into?

      Lars Kepler's novels can best be described as mystery-thriller fiction with a touch of romance. They often top the bestseller list thanks to their heart-pounding suspense and engaging characters.

    • How do I organize my Lars Kepler series on my read shelving?

      You can conveniently sort your Lars Kepler books on your read shelving by using the menu shelve option on your bookshelf. This will help you keep track of your reading order and progress.

    • What are the different formats available for Lars Kepler's books?

      Lars Kepler's books are available in various formats including hardcover, paperback, and Kindle. You can choose the format that suits your reading preference.

    • Do the original titles of Lars Kepler's books differ from the English ones?

      Yes, as the author Lars Kepler is Swedish, the original titles of the books differ from the English ones. For example, the original title of "The Hypnotist" in Swedish is "Hypnotisören".

    • What's the shelf rate for Kepler's books?

      The shelf rate for Kepler's books varies depending on the format - hardcover, paperback, or Kindle - and whether they are new or used. It's best to check with your book provider for the most accurate pricing.

    • Does Joona Linna appear in all of Lars Kepler's books?

      Yes, Detective Inspector Joona Linna is the protagonist in all of Lars Kepler's books. His character is well-developed and consistent throughout the series, adding depth to the thrilling plotlines.

    • How does the character of Joona Linna contribute to the tone and mood of the books?

      Joona Linna, as a seasoned detective, adds a layer of intrigue and mystery to the books. His sharp intellect and relentless pursuit of justice make him a compelling character. His interactions with various characters, including his romance and his battles with killers, contribute to the high-stakes atmosphere and emotional depth of the novels.