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Kate Ellis Books in Order (36 Book Series)


Kate Ellis has written a series of 36 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is author Kate Ellis, known for her series of cozy mystery novels?

      Kate Ellis is an acclaimed author who specializes in writing mystery novels. Her works often fall into the genres of historical and cozy mystery, blending elements of crime, police procedural, and general fiction. Her most popular series features DI Wesley Peterson, a detective based in the fictional town of Tradmouth.

    • Can you tell me about Kate Ellis's Wesley Peterson series?

      Sure! The Wesley Peterson series by Kate Ellis is a captivating blend of crime and mystery, with hints of police procedural and cozy mystery elements. The series follows the cases of Detective Inspector 'DI' Wesley Peterson as he solves crimes, often with historical connections. Many of the books in this series have an avg rating of more than 4 stars, which indicates their popularity among readers.

    • I've heard about Kate Ellis's books but I'm not sure about the order. Is there a specific order to read them in?

      Yes, there is a recommended reading order for Kate Ellis's books, especially when it comes to series such as the Wesley Peterson novels. Following the publication order can enhance the reader's understanding and enjoyment of the storylines and character development. Reading in order is not necessary, but it can provide a more immersive experience.

    • Are all of Kate Ellis's books part of a series, or does she also write standalone novels?

      While Kate Ellis is best known for her series, particularly the Wesley Peterson series, she also writes standalone mystery novels. These books, like her series, are a blend of crime and mystery with elements of police procedural and historical fiction.

    • I'm a fan of cozy mystery books. Are there any specific books by this author you could recommend for me?

      Absolutely! Kate Ellis's "The Merchant's House" is a must-read for fans of cozy mystery books. The first book in the Wesley Peterson series, it introduces readers to DI Wesley Peterson as he solves a present-day murder and a centuries-old mystery. The book has a strong avg rating, showcasing its popularity among fans of the genre.

    • I've heard that the authors' latest book was released recently. What's it about?

      Yes, Kate Ellis's latest book, "The Night Thief," was released in November. This is the latest in the Wesley Peterson series. The book follows DI Peterson as he investigates a series of mysterious burglaries and a suspicious death. It's a thrilling blend of crime, mystery, and historical elements, and it has received high ratings from readers.

    • How can I keep track of all the books by Kate Ellis and other authors?

      There are several online platforms, such as Goodreads, that allow you to create your personalized "to-read" list. They also provide publication order, avg rating, clear rating, and error rating for each book. You can even see a full review of each book, which can be helpful in deciding which book to read next.

    • How often does this author publish new books?

      Kate Ellis typically publishes a new book every year. The publication dates can vary, but many have been released in the months of July, June, November, and December. You can check her publisher's website or her personal author page for the most accurate information on upcoming releases.

    • Are any of Kate Ellis's books available for Kindle?

      Yes, many of Kate Ellis's books are available for Kindle publication. This includes both her series and standalone novels. You can find them on Amazon, where you can also see their avg rating, clear rating, error rating, and full review before deciding to purchase.