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Judy Blume Books in Order (33 Book Series)


Judy Blume has written a series of 33 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 33 books
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      Judy Blume

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      Judy Blume

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      Judy Blume

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    • Who is the author of the bestselling novels that are a great hit among children and young readers?

      The author Judy Blume is well known for her bestsellers that are immensely popular among children and young readers. Judy's books touch on themes of family, friendship, and the trials of growing up.

    • Can you list Judy Blume's books in the order of publication?

      Judy Blume's books, in order of publication, include titles such as "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing", "Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great", "Blubber", and more. You can find hardcover paperback, paperback Penguin, and Dell paperback editions for your read saving.

    • What types of books does Judy Blume write?

      Judy Blume writes books that focus on real-life issues that children and young readers face. Her work includes general fiction, romance novels, and books about family dynamics. Some of her books are also part of series, like the popular Fudge series centered on Peter and his little brother, Fudge.

    • I've heard that some of Judy Blume's books have won awards. Is that true?

      Yes, it's true. Judy Blume's books have received numerous awards for their impact on children's literature. Her book "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing", for instance, has received multiple accolades and is considered a staple in children's fiction.

    • I am a fan of Judy Blume's Fudge series. Can you tell me more about the books in this series?

      Sure! The Fudge series by author Judy Blume revolves around Peter Hatcher and his hilarious adventures with his little brother, Fudge. The series was published by Bradbury Press and Delacorte Press, and it includes books like "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing", "Superfudge", "Fudge-a-Mania", and "Double Fudge".

    • Is there any way for me to get a list of Judy Blume books in hardcover, paperback, or kindle format?

      Absolutely! For any of Judy Blume books in hardcover, paperback or kindle format, you can simply go online and add them to your wishlist. This quick method will ensure you have a ready list for your next reading adventure.

    • What are some of the reviews about Judy Blume's books?

      Judy Blume's books generally receive positive reviews from readers. They appreciate the relatable characters, engaging storylines, and the way Blume handles issues relevant to children and young readers. You can easily find reviews and add your voice to the discussion online.

    • Are Judy Blume's books suitable for all age groups?

      While Judy Blume is best known for her children's and young adult fiction, she has also written novels for adults, so there's truly a Judy Blume book for readers of all ages.

    • Can her books be found in paperback or kindle format?

      Yes, you can find Judy Blume books in both paperback and kindle format. Whether you prefer to hold a physical book or read on a device, you can enjoy Judy's stories in the format that suits you best.