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John Scalzi Books in Order (61 Book Series)

A Problem of Proportion24 Frames into the FutureA Very Scalzi Christmas

John Scalzi has written a series of 61 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 61 books
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    61 books in this series

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    • What can you tell me about John Scalzi books and their order?

      John Scalzi is a prolific author known for his award-winning science fiction novels. His works are published by Scalzi Tor and include a number of series that can be read in a specific order. For a full list of his books and their order, Amazon and Blackwell offer an organized catalog.

    • I'm particularly interested in science fiction and was wondering if that's a genre John Scalzi's novels fall under?

      Absolutely. John Scalzi is a renowned science fiction author. His books often explore human relationships and societies in futuristic settings. As an award-winning author, he's known for his contributions to the science fiction genre.

    • Are his books more like novels or do they fall under the category of bathroom readers?

      His books are indeed novels, and substantive ones at that. While they might be a little too engaging for typical bathroom readers, they're perfect for those who enjoy diving into the depths of science fiction and exploring otherworldly scenarios.

    • I've heard that the order in which you read his books is important, especially for the series. Is this true?

      Yes, that's correct. For some of his series, like the "Old Man's War" series, the order in which you read the books can enhance your understanding of the stories' progression. You can find the correct order listed on various sites, including Amazon.

    • How can I find these books in hardcover or paperback?

      Both hardcover and paperback editions of Scalzi's novels are available online. You can find them on websites like Amazon, where you can view details about each book, including its avg rating.

    • Are there also audiobook or ebook versions of his books?

      Yes, there are numerous formats available. You can find audiobook and paperback versions on several platforms. Also, Kindle users can find his books in the Kindle store, so you can take your favorite Scalzi books with you wherever you go.

    • Can I get a full list of his science fiction books in order?

      Yes, you can. Websites like Amazon offer a full list of Scalzi's science fiction books in order of publication. This can be a helpful guide if you want to read his works chronologically.

    • Can you tell me more about this author and his fiction books?

      John Scalzi is a highly respected author in the science fiction genre. He has received numerous awards for his work, and his books have been published in multiple formats, like hardcover, paperback, and audiobook. His books typically come out in the warmer months, with releases in April, July, and August.

    • What is the most recent book that John Scalzi has published?

      As of September, the most recent book by John Scalzi is "The Last Emperox," the third book in the Interdependency series. It was first published in April and has received an avg rating of 4.03 on Amazon.