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John Grisham Books in Order (46 Book Series)

A Time for MercyA Painted HouseA Time to Kill

John Grisham has written a series of 46 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • What are the John Grisham books, especially those involving legal matters?

      John Grisham books primarily revolve around legal thrillers based on his experiences as a lawyer. His books typically involve intricate plots often set in the legal world, with protagonists who are lawyers fighting against corruption, injustice, and crime.

    • Can I read the John Grisham book series in any order, or do the novels have a specific sequence?

      While most of John Grisham's standalone novels can be read in any order, some of his books, particularly the Theodore Boone series for young adults, should be read in the order of publication for the best experience. This is because the series' narrative and the characters' development continue from one book to another.

    • I am new to John Grisham and his legal thrillers. Where should I start?

      As an author, John Grisham has written numerous standalone novels as well as series. Starting with his first book, "A Time to Kill", is a good idea as it introduces the recurring character Jake Brigance. Later, you can move on to his other standalone books or his Theodore Boone series which is targeted at young adults.

    • What is the order of John Grisham books in the Theodore Boone series?

      The Theodore Boone series by author John Grisham is a young adult legal thriller series. The books in order are "Theodore Boone: Kid Lawyer", "Theodore Boone: The Abduction", "Theodore Boone: The Accused", "Theodore Boone: The Activist", "Theodore Boone: The Fugitive", and "Theodore Boone: The Scandal".

    • Can we expect a new John Grisham book soon?

      As of my last reply, there hasn't been any official announcement about a new John Grisham book. However, given Grisham's prolific writing pace, we can definitely expect more legal thrillers from him in the future.

    • Are John Grisham's books adapted into movies?

      Yes, several of John Grisham's books have been adapted into successful films. Some of these include "The Firm", "A Time to Kill", and "The Pelican Brief". These adaptations contributed to the popularity of Grisham's legal novels.

    • Do the John Grisham books only revolve around legal thrillers or does he explore other genres too?

      While the majority of John Grisham's books are legal thrillers, he has also written novels in other genres. For example, "Bleachers" and "Playing for Pizza" are sports novels, and the Theodore Boone series is written for a young adult audience.

    • Does John Grisham only write novels, or does he publish other kinds of books as well?

      John Grisham primarily writes novels, but he also has a series of short stories called "Ford County". Additionally, his Theodore Boone series is specifically targeted at young adults.

    • Is John Grisham's Theodore Boone series suitable for my teenage daughter?

      Absolutely! The Theodore Boone series was specifically written for young adults. These books maintain the legal theme common in Grisham's work, but they are written from the perspective of a teenage protagonist, making them ideal for younger readers.