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Theodore Boone Books in Order (7 Book Series)


Theodore Boone is a series of 7 books written by John Grisham. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Can you tell me about the Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer series?

      Sure, I'd love to! Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer is the first book in the Theodore Boone series. The series follows the adventures of Theo, a lawyer in training, who gets wrapped up in some pretty serious legal cases. The series is authored by none other than John Grisham.

    • I've heard about the Theodore Boone books. What's the order of this series?

      The Theodore Boone series in order starts with the book titled 'Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer', followed by 'The Abduction', 'The Accused', 'The Activist', 'The Fugitive', 'The Scandal', 'The Accomplice', and 'Theodore Boone: The Law of Innocence'. Make sure to read them in order for maximum enjoyment!

    • I'm a stickler for details, particularly when it comes to "The Accused" book from the Theodore Boone series. Is there any way I can view more details about this book?

      Absolutely! You can view details of "The Accused" book through various online platforms like Amazon and Goodreads. Both offer an 'Amazon View' and 'Details Add' option respectively where you can read reviews, see the Goodreads rating, and even read a sample of the book.

    • I'm a bit old-school and prefer hardcovers. Are the Theodore Boone series available in hardcover?

      Yes, they are! Almost all Theodore Boone books are available in hardcover, paperback, and even Kindle versions. You can choose your preferred format based on your reading preferences.

    • I'm quite intrigued by the Theodore Boone series. Who is the author of these books?

      The Theodore Boone series is written by the famous lawyer-turned-author, John Grisham. Grisham is well-known for his legal thrillers but with the Theodore Boone series, he delves into the world of kids' fiction.

    • How do I keep track of which Theodore Boone books I've read and which ones are left to read?

      Online platforms like Goodreads offer a 'read shelving' option where you can mark books as 'read', 'currently reading', or 'to-read'. This can help you keep track of your progress in the Theodore Boone series.

    • How do I know if a Theodore Boone book is worth spending my time on?

      Websites like Goodreads and Amazon allow you to view details, such as ratings and reviews of each book in the Theodore Boone series. You'll find a 'goodreads rating' and 'reviews' section which can give you an idea about the popularity and reception of each book.

    • I'd like to purchase the Theodore Boone series. Is there an option to buy them all together?

      Absolutely! The Theodore Boone series is typically available as a box set which includes all the books in the series. This could be a great way to ensure you have the entire series in your collection.

    • Are there any romance elements in the Theodore Boone series?

      While the Theodore Boone series isn't primarily romance, there are some elements of teenage romance woven into the storyline. Remember, though, the top focus of the series isn't romance, but the thrilling adventures and legal mysteries that our young hero, Theo, gets wrapped up in.