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JD Robb Books in Order (70 Book Series)

Apprentice in DeathAbandoned in DeathBetrayal in Death

JD Robb has written a series of 70 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 70 books


    • What is the correct j d robb JD Robb books in order, including each book in publication order and the death book series?

      The J.D. Robb "In Death" series follows Lieutenant Eve Dallas as she solves crimes in a futuristic New York City. To experience the growth of characters and the unfolding plotlines, it is best to read the books in order of publication, starting with "Naked in Death." As this series has been a New York Times bestselling collection, you'll find an ordered list of these books on our menu, where you can easily add your chosen novel to your cart or opt for the Kindle version. In September, fans often look for the latest release to continue following the death eve and her adventures.

    • Can you provide the entire series in order of the J.D. Robb books, including any spin-offs or related titles?

      Certainly! The J.D. Robb series, a pseudonym for author Nora Roberts, should be read in order to appreciate the continuity of the death series. Starting from "Naked in Death" and following with titles such as "Glory in Death," and "Immortal in Death." Altogether, this makes for a thrilling continuity in the Dallas series. Each Robb book offers a new case, further unraveling the life of detective Eve Dallas and her enigmatic husband Roarke. A complete list of book series books can be found on our website, which is frequently updated with the latest releases from this New York Times bestselling author.

    • What type of stories can I expect from the j.d robb Dallas series, and in what order should they be read for best enjoyment?

      The Dallas series by J.D. Robb, features a blend of romantic suspense and crime fiction. Readers can expect to dive into the bustling city of the future, where lieutenant Eve Dallas takes on grueling cases often involving murder. The mix of crime-solving and Eve’s complex relationship with her husband Roarke adds depth and intrigue to each book. The series has been captivating readers for years with its strong narrative and fascinating character dynamics, weaving in themes of romance as the characters tackle challenging scenarios. For maximum enjoyment, it's recommended to read the stories in their publication books in order.

    • How frequently does J.D. Robb release new death series book novels?

      J.D. Robb, also known as Nora Roberts, is known for her prolific writing, typically releasing several novels in the "In Death" series each year. Over the years, fans have come to eagerly anticipate new adventures with lieutenant Eve Dallas and her husband Roarke. The intervals between books are just enough to keep readers longing for more, while the robust backlist ensures that there's always another "Death" book to read or recommend.

    • I love the character Lieutenant Eve Dallas. How has she evolved throughout the JD Robb Death series books?

      For those who love the character of Lieutenant Eve Dallas, you'll find her development across the novels is both intricate and satisfying. Starting from her first appearance in the book series over two decades ago, Eve has transformed from a hard-edged homicide detective into a more nuanced character, dealing with personal and professional challenges. Her relationships, especially with Roarke, deepen with each new death book, showcasing a rich evolution of this New York Times bestselling character.

    • Are there any other significant characters I should look out for while reading the author J.D. Robb's Death book series?

      In addition to the tough detective Eve Dallas, you will encounter the charming and wealthy Roarke, who is Eve's main love interest and plays a pivotal role in many of the series' storylines. The author has woven a web of recurring characters, including fellow officers and friends who bring both camaraderie and conflict to the death books. Each character has their own backstory and continues to develop throughout the series, contributing to the depth and allure of the reading experience.

    • Where can I find the latest J.D. Robb release to continue the Eve Dallas series, perhaps in a menu or a curated list?

      To stay up-to-date with the latest Eve Dallas novel or any new death book, you can always check the top of our book series menu, where we feature the most recent release from the J.D. Robb collection. Whether you're looking to read in hardcover or prefer a digital copy on your Kindle, you'll find links to add any of the books to your cart. The stories of Eve, Roarke, and the thrilling city of the future remain as compelling today as they were years ago when the series began.