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James Herriot Books in Order (19 Book Series)


James Herriot has written a series of 19 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • What are some of the James Herriot books that I can add to my reading list?

      James Herriot's books include the well-known series "All Creatures Great and Small". The series chronicles the stories of a vet in Yorkshire. James Herriot's books are based on the author's own experiences, as he himself was a vet in Yorkshire. They were first published in the 1970s and have remained popular to this day. James Herriot's books are a great read for those who enjoy stories about animals and rural life.

    • In what order should I read the James Herriot books?

      To truly appreciate James Herriot's books in order, you should start with "If Only They Could Talk" (published in 1970), followed by "It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet" (1972), and "Let Sleeping Vets Lie" (1973). Other books in the series order include "Vet in Harness" (1974), "Vets Might Fly" (1976), and finally, "The Lord God Made Them All" (1981). Note that James Herriot's real name is Alf Wight, and the books are based on his experiences as a vet in Yorkshire.

    • Can I find these books on an online platform?

      Absolutely! James Herriot's books are available on Amazon, both in paperback and hardcover editions. You can also purchase Martin paperbacks of James Herriot's books, which are known for their quality. If you prefer reading on an electronic device, you can find the Kindle James Herriot books. You can even use Amazon credit to purchase them!

    • What is the shelf rate of these books and how often should I expect new stories?

      While the shelf rate can vary depending on the edition and the seller, James Herriot's books generally have a medium shelf rate. As for new stories, James Herriot's last book was published in 1992, and no new stories have been released since then. However, the existing books provide a wealth of entertaining and touching stories about a vet's life in Yorkshire.

    • Can I find these stories in different formats?

      Yes, you can. Apart from the paperback, hardcover, and Kindle publication formats, you can also find James Herriot's books in audiobook format. This means you can enjoy James Herriot's stories even while on the go.

    • How can I stay updated about the latest news related to James Herriot books?

      Staying updated about James Herriot's books is easy. You can subscribe to a newsletter dedicated to the author's work. This newsletter will provide you with updates on any new editions or special events related to James Herriot's books, the vet from Yorkshire whose stories have touched countless hearts worldwide.

    • Is there a guide to understanding the themes and contexts of these books?

      Yes, there are guides available for understanding James Herriot's books. These guides provide insight into the stories, their background, and the author's experiences as a vet in Yorkshire. They can greatly enhance your reading experience of these wonderful books.

    • Are these books suitable for children?

      Yes, they are. James Herriot's stories are loved by both adults and children. There is even a book series targeted towards Herriot children readers, including "James Herriot's Treasury for Children", which is a compilation of the author's stories about animals.

    • Is there a recommended volume that I should start with in the series?

      If you want to read James Herriot's books in the order they were published, you should start with the first volume, "If Only They Could Talk". However, each of the books can be enjoyed as a standalone read. So, you can start with any volume that piques your interest.