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Maggie O'Dell Books in Order (12 Book Series)


Maggie O'Dell is a series of 12 books written by Alex Kava. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Who is the agent Maggie in the Kava books and what does she do?

      Agent Maggie is the protagonist in the Maggie O'Dell series by author Alex Kava. She's an FBI special agent, solving complex cases often involving serial killers. The series Maggie O'Dell starts with the book "A Perfect Evil".

    • Can you list the Maggie O'Dell series in order and tell me about the first book?

      Sure, the Maggie O'Dell series in order starts with "A Perfect Evil", followed by many others. In the first book, Maggie, a special agent, tries to track down a serial killer. It's a thrilling ride with a dose of romance tucked in between the suspense, making it a heart-racing fiction book to read.

    • I've read some of the Kava books featuring agent Maggie, can you tell me about the other series by the same author?

      Absolutely, apart from the Maggie O'Dell series, author Alex Kava has written the Ryder Creed series. Ryder Creed is a K9 search-and-rescue dog trainer, and his adventures are just as thrilling and engaging as those of Maggie O'Dell.

    • Is Ryder Creed linked to the Maggie O'Dell series?

      Yes, Ryder Creed actually makes his first appearance in the Maggie O'Dell series before branching out into his own series. Readers get to enjoy two thrilling series by the same author, filled with suspense, romance, and well-crafted characters.

    • I've heard the Maggie O'Dell novels have a high shelf rate. What does that mean?

      A high shelf rate suggests that the Maggie O'Dell novels are widely read and retained by readers on their bookshelves. It's a testament to the gripping nature of the series and the author's ability to keep readers hooked.

    • How can I keep track of the books in the series I've read?

      You can use a menu shelve system. Simply add the books you've read in the publication order. This way, you have a clear, verified review of the books you've read and what comes next in the series.

    • I've heard black is a recurring color in the series. Is that true?

      Yes, black is indeed a repeated motif in the series. It's often used to depict the darker aspects of the cases special agent Maggie O'Dell handles, adding an edge to the gripping narrative.

    • How do I place an order for the Maggie O'Dell series?

      You can place orders for the Maggie O'Dell series on various online platforms. They are available in different formats including paperback, hardcover, and Kindle editions.

    • What is the best way to read the Maggie O'Dell series?

      The best way to read the Maggie O'Dell series is in the publication order. This way, you can follow the character development and storyline as intended by the author. It's a top choice for fans of crime, mystery, and romance fiction.