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Jackie Collins Books in Order (41 Book Series)


Jackie Collins has written a series of 41 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 41 books
    1. 3


      Jackie Collins

    2. 11

      Lucky Boss

      Jackie Collins

    3. 13

      Rock Star

      Jackie Collins

    4. 23


      Jackie Collins

    5. 40

      I Found Love

      Jackie Collins

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    • I am a huge fan of Jackie Collins. Can you please explain the Jackie Collins books in order?

      Jackie Collins's novels are published in a particular order, starting from the first book series she wrote. The order is based on the title published, and the published details can be found online. These novels are a mix of romance, mystery, and fantasy. To read these bestsellers in the correct publication order, you can add them to your wishlist quick and buy the novels in that order.

    • As a new reader, in what order should I start reading the Jackie Collins books?

      It’s recommended to follow the publication order of Jackie Collins's books. This way, you can follow the development of characters and storylines as the author intended. You can find this order online and add the books to your kindle publication list for a quick and easy reading experience.

    • Can you tell me more about the series of books written by Jackie Collins?

      Jackie Collins's book series are bestsellers in New York and worldwide. They are renowned for their compelling romance, mystery, and fantasy elements. The author interweaves enthralling stories of stars in Hollywood, making her novels a must-add to your reading list.

    • Is there a quick way I can buy Jackie Collins novels in the correct order?

      Yes, there is. You can online add the books to your buy order. Be sure to follow the publication order to fully understand the progression of the storylines and character development in the novels.

    • Can you suggest the best Jackie Collins book for a first-time reader?

      That's subjective, as each reader may have different preferences. However, many first-time readers of this author tend to start with the kindle hollywood novel series. Reviews add that these are some of the best novels she wrote.

    • How have Jackie Collins books been received by the readers and critics?

      Jackie Collins's books have received positive reviews overall. The author's ability to capture the lives of Hollywood stars and weave them into fiction novels has been highly appreciated. Many of her books are New York Times bestsellers, reflecting their popularity among readers.

    • Are all Jackie Collins books available in hardcover?

      Most of Jackie Collins's novels are available in hardcover editions. You can check the details online and order according to your preference.

    • Is there a quick way to review the order of Jackie Collins books?

      Yes, online platforms provide a convenient way to review the order of the novels. You can check the title published and published details to ensure you are following the correct reading pathway.

    • Did Jackie Collins write any short story apart from the series?

      Yes, apart from the novel series, the author also wrote standalone novels and short stories. These include well-known titles and provide the same captivating storytelling as her book series.