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Jack Higgins Books in Order (76 Book Series)

A Devil is WaitingA Darker PlaceA Fine Night for Dying

Jack Higgins has written a series of 76 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 76 books
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      Jack Higgins

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      Jack Higgins

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      Jack Higgins

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    • Who is Jack Higgins and what is his real name?

      Jack Higgins is the pseudonym of British author Harry Patterson. Patterson has been writing books for several decades, with a primary focus on thriller and war novels.

    • Can you tell me about the order of Jack Higgins’ books?

      Sure, Jack Higgins' books are usually listed in the order of their publication. However, if you wish to enjoy the dynamic character development and unfolding story arcs, it's often recommended to follow the series books in chronological order.

    • I heard that Harry Patterson also writes under the name of Jack Higgins. Can you confirm?

      Yes, indeed. Harry Patterson, a prolific British author, is better known by his pseudonym, Jack Higgins. He has penned numerous thriller novels, many of which have made their way to bestseller lists across the globe.

    • I've heard about a character named Dillon in Jack Higgins' books. Can you provide more details?

      Absolutely. Dillon is a recurring character in Jack Higgins' novels. He's a former IRA enforcer turned British secret agent. If you're interested in Dillon's story, you'll find him in the series that starts with "The Eagle Has Landed."

    • What is the published details of Jack Higgins' books?

      Jack Higgins, or Harry Patterson, has written over 60 novels. The published details, including title published and publication order, can usually be found on the author's website or a book retailer's site.

    • Could you tell me the order of Jack Higgins' books featuring Paul Chavasse?

      The "Paul Chavasse" series by Jack Higgins begins with 'The Bormann Testament' and continues with several other titles. For an accurate buy order and further published details, I recommend checking out a book review site or an online marketplace like Kindle.

    • Can I find Harry Patterson's books in paperback format?

      Yes, the majority of Harry Patterson's, or Jack Higgins', books are available in various formats, including paperback and Kindle. This makes his thrillers, romances, and war-based fiction easily accessible to readers worldwide.

    • Is there an order I should follow when reading Jack Higgins' books?

      While each book can be enjoyed independently, reading Jack Higgins' books in order of publication can provide a deeper understanding of recurring characters and overarching themes.

    • How can I find out the avg rating and reviews of Jack Higgins' books?

      You can find the avg rating, clear rating, and reviews for Jack Higgins' books on numerous online platforms, such as Goodreads. These sites will also alert you to an error rating, if there is one.