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Jack Higgins Books in Order (76 Book Series)

A Devil is WaitingA Darker PlaceA Fine Night for Dying

Jack Higgins has written a series of 76 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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Last Updated: Monday 1 Jan, 2024

    Total: 76 books
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      Jack Higgins

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      Jack Higgins

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      Jack Higgins



    • Can you provide the Jack Higgins novels book in order?

      Jack Higgins, also known as Harry Patterson or James Graham, has written numerous books across different genres, including historical mystery and thriller. If you're looking for the Jack Higgins books in publication order, you may want to start with the publication order, especially for his book series featuring the character Sean Dillon. These can be found in the series section on our website, where each book is listed by its title and original publication date.

    • Where can I find a complete list of Jack Higgins books?

      A comprehensive list of Jack Higgins books, including his writings from decades ago, can be accessed on our website. The author, who has been writing for several decades, has a wide range of novels available in paperback and kindle formats. You can explore his standalone novels as well as his series, including the highly rated Sean Dillon books.

    • Who is Jack Higgins, and what are his most popular novels?

      Jack Higgins is the principal pseudonym of Harry Patterson, a bestselling author known for his gripping thriller novels. Among his most popular works are the Sean Dillon books, which began with the title "Eye of the Storm." Fans of espionage and action will find much to enjoy in Higgins' expansive oeuvre.

    • I’m looking for Jack Higgins books that feature Sean Dillon; what is the Sean Dillon series order to start with?

      Sean Dillon is a popular character created by Jack Higgins, featured in a series of thriller novels. To begin reading the Sean Dillon series, you should start with "Eye of the Storm," also known as "Midnight Man," which is the first book that introduces this character. The series continues on with many titles, all of which can be found on our site with their specific reading order.

    • What kind of novels book can I expect from Jack Higgins?

      Novels by Jack Higgins encompass a variety of genres, with a strong emphasis on thriller and espionage stories. He's also known for injecting elements of historical mystery into some of his books. Readers can expect fast-paced plots, intriguing characters, and a touch of international intrigue.

    • How do I know which Sean Dillon book to read next by author Jack Patterson Higgins?

      To determine the next book to read by author Jack Higgins, you can consult the reading guides on our website. We provide a rating system for each book as well as signs that indicate which books are part of a series and which are standalone titles. You'll find the publication date listed as well, which can help you read them in order if you prefer.

    • Are there any new thrillers by Jack featuring Sean Dillon coming out soon?

      To stay updated on new releases by Jack, who occasionally writes under names such as Harry Patterson and James Graham, keep an eye on our "Coming Soon" section. You can also sign up for notifications to get a reply when a new book by Higgins is about to hit the shelves, ensuring you don't miss a thing from this prolific author.