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Sean Dillon Books in Order (22 Book Series)

A Devil is WaitingA Darker PlaceAngel of Death

Sean Dillon is a series of 22 books written by Jack Higgins. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • What is the sean dillon series?

      The Sean Dillon series is a collection of espionage and thriller fiction novels written by the author Jack Higgins.

    • Can you detail the order of the dillon books?

      The Sean Dillon books are best read in order of publication, starting with "Eye of the Storm," then continuing with "Thunder Point," "On Dangerous Ground," and so forth.

    • Where can I find Sean Dillon books in different formats?

      Sean Dillon books can be found in various formats such as paperback and ebook. You can add the book of your choice to your cart after reading the checkbox label carefully.

    • Are there any Sean Dillon books for kids or young adults?

      While the Sean Dillon series is more geared towards adults due to its espionage and thriller themes, some young adult readers may also enjoy them. However, there are no specific Sean Dillon books for kids.

    • What is the top series by Jack Higgins featuring Sean Dillon?

      The top series by Jack Higgins featuring Sean Dillon is undoubtedly the Sean Dillon series itself. This top series has maintained a steady following of fans over the years.

    • Who is the author behind Sean Dillon?

      The author behind Sean Dillon is Jack Higgins. He's well known for his thrilling tales of espionage and intrigue.

    • How do I navigate the site to find Sean Dillon books?

      To find Sean Dillon books on most online bookstore sites, you can use the left arrow and books chevron to navigate. You may also use site search tools to quickly locate Sean Dillon books.

    • Is there any romantic element in Sean Dillon series?

      While the Sean Dillon series primarily revolves around espionage and thrilling action, there are occasional hints of romance within the storyline. However, they are by no means the main focus of the series.

    • Is there any personal information about Sean Dillon in the books?

      Yes, the books delve into Sean Dillon's background, giving readers insight into the man he is. This includes his personal history, motivations, and characteristics that make him a compelling protagonist in the series.