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Honor Harrington Books in Order (16 Book Series)


Honor Harrington is a series of 16 books written by David Weber. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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  • What are the Honor Harrington books all about?

    The Honor Harrington series, authored by David Weber, is a spectacular voyage into fiction space. It revolves around the story of Honor, a fearless officer in the Royal Manticore Navy. Throughout the series, Honor takes on numerous challenges, standing tall in the face of adversity with her loyal treecat, Nimitz by her side.

  • Who is the author of the Honor Harrington series?

    The Honor Harrington series was authored by David Weber. Weber introduced Honor to us in October 1992 with the novel "On Basilisk Station". The author, who has a knack for combining political intrigue with epic space adventure, set the series in the distant future on the planet of Manticore in the Kingdom of Manticore.

  • What is the correct order to read the Honor Harrington books?

    The Honor Harrington books are best read in the order they were published starting with "On Basilisk Station", followed by "The Honor of the Queen" and so forth. For a complete list and to view details, you can visit the author's Amazon view page.

  • What are some of the recurring themes in the Honor Harrington series?

    The Honor Harrington series is set in a world where Honor must navigate through complex military, political, and personal landscapes. Honor's duty, honor, and loyalty to her service and her planet are tested in the face of war, treachery, and personal loss. You'd also see recurring themes of courage, sacrifice, and integrity.

  • Can you tell me more about the Honorverse?

    The Honorverse is the fan-dubbed name for the universe in which the Honor Harrington series is set. It refers to the worlds that Honor interacts with, including her home planet Manticore, and the community of characters that populate these worlds.

  • As a new reader, how can I join the community of Honor Harrington fans?

    The Honorverse has a vibrant community of supporters who joined in their love for the books and the world Weber has created. You can join forums, social media groups, and fan clubs dedicated to discussing the novels. Some popular members of the community joined in Jul and Oct, hailing from locations as diverse as Iowa and beyond.

  • Where can I buy the Honor Harrington series?

    The Honor Harrington series can be purchased on various platforms. For Kindle readers, each book in the series is available on Amazon. Simply search for the book you want to read, view details, and then click 'add to cart'.

  • What are some of the most popular books in the Honor Harrington series?

    The Honor Harrington series features several popular titles. Fans often call out "Flag in Exile", "Honor Among Enemies", and "At All Costs" as favorites. "In Fire Forged", an anthology of stories set in the Honorverse, is also a well-loved addition to the series.

  • What are some defining attributes of Honor Harrington as a character?

    Honor Harrington is known for her unwavering commitment to duty, her tactical genius, and her indomitable courage. She wields a sword of justice in the face of adversity, never backing down from a fight. Her relationship with her treecat, Nimitz, also adds a unique element to her character.