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Greg Iles Books in Order (19 Book Series)


Greg Iles has written a series of 19 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    • Can you tell me about the novels from the "Penn Cage" series by the author Greg Iles?

      Yes, of course, Penn Cage is a character created by bestselling author Greg Iles. The series comprises thrilling novels with a variety of themes ranging from suspense, romance, thriller and even a sprinkle of fantasy. The series begins with "The Quiet Game" and includes the famed Natchez Burning Trilogy.

    • Could you assist me with the order in which I should read these books?

      Sure! It's beneficial to read the series in order to fully grasp the rich narrative arcs. The Penn Cage series begins with "The Quiet Game", published years ago, followed by "Turning Angel", "The Devil's Punchbowl", "Natchez Burning", "The Bone Tree", and ends with "Mississippi Blood". The Natchez Burning Trilogy is a part of this lineup.

    • How can I get these books? Are there any online add-to-cart options?

      Definitely! You can buy the books online through various retailers. Depending on your preference, you can opt for hardcover, paperback or even Kindle versions. You can also use the wishlist quick add feature to save them for later or add them to your cart right away.

    • Can I keep a track of books that I have and the ones I need to get?

      Yes, most online platforms offer a wishlist option. You can use this to add books that you want to read. Once you have read a book, it can be wishlist removed. This way you can easily keep track of what books you need to purchase next.

    • Is there any book in the series that stands out?

      Many readers particularly love the Natchez Burning Trilogy. It's a gripping set of thriller novels that spotlight Penn Cage's struggles in Natchez, Mississippi. It is a must-read part of the series.

    • Can you provide me with a brief about the author of these books?

      Sure, the author Greg Iles is a well-respected figure in the world of fiction. He has been writing for many years and his books, including the Penn Cage series, have a significant following. He's known for his suspense-filled novels, with a strong attachment to his Mississippi roots.

    • What is the latest book in the Penn Cage series?

      The latest book in the series is "Mississippi Blood". This book is the thrilling conclusion to the Natchez Burning Trilogy and was published a few years ago.

    • How often does the author come up with new books in the series?

      Well, the series started years ago, with a new book usually released every few years. However, as of now, we are unable to specify when the next book will be out. Stay tuned for updates from the author and publisher.

    • I see some references to "Penn's father" in the reviews. Who is he?

      Yes, Penn's father, Dr. Tom Cage, is a pivotal character in the series. He plays a crucial role especially in the Natchez Burning Trilogy. His relationship with Penn adds a layer of emotional depth to these thriller novels. His character adds to the suspense and intrigue of the series.