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Georgette Heyer Books in Order (66 Book Series)


Georgette Heyer has written a series of 66 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 66 books
    1. 9


      Georgette Heyer

    2. 11


      Georgette Heyer

    3. 12

      Barren Corn

      Georgette Heyer

    4. 13

      The Conqueror

      Georgette Heyer

    5. 26

      Royal Escape

      Georgette Heyer

    6. 28

      The Corinthian

      Georgette Heyer

    7. 33


      Georgette Heyer

    8. 34

      Friday's Child

      Georgette Heyer

    9. 36

      The Foundling

      Georgette Heyer

    10. 37


      Georgette Heyer

    11. 41


      Georgette Heyer

    12. 43

      The Toll-Gate

      Georgette Heyer

    13. 44

      Bath Tangle

      Georgette Heyer

    14. 45

      Sprig Muslin

      Georgette Heyer

    15. 46

      April Lady

      Georgette Heyer

    16. 48


      Georgette Heyer

    17. 53

      The Nonesuch

      Georgette Heyer

    18. 54

      False Colours

      Georgette Heyer

    19. 55


      Georgette Heyer

    20. 56

      Black Sheep

      Georgette Heyer

    21. 57

      Cousin Kate

      Georgette Heyer

    22. 58

      Charity Girl

      Georgette Heyer

    23. 61

      My Lord John

      Georgette Heyer

    24. 62


      Georgette Heyer

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    • Who is Georgette Heyer and what kind of novels does she write?

      Georgette Heyer is a renowned author known for her regency historical novels. She has contributed significantly to the genre of mystery and suspense, with a touch of romance. Her books often take readers back to the regency period in Sussex, England, using her ability to create a sense of age and period in her descriptions.

    • Could you provide a description of the book series by Georgette Heyer?

      The author Georgette Heyer wrote numerous regency historical novels, many of which are considered classics in their genre. While not a series in the traditional sense, her books share a common setting in the regency period. They are often filled with mystery, suspense, love, and the intricacies of society, all set in the beloved regency era.

    • What is the best way to read Georgette Heyer books in order?

      As Georgette Heyer's books are standalone novels, not part of a continuous series, you can read them in any order. However, some fans like to read them in the order they were published to see how the author's style and themes developed over time.

    • I love Georgette Heyer novels. Where can I buy them?

      You can buy Georgette Heyer books from a variety of places like book Amazon, Amazon Blackwells, or the Folio Society. Besides, you can also find both hardcover and Kindle versions, according to your preference.

    • What is the favourite Georgette Heyer book among readers?

      The favourite book amongst readers seems to be "The Grand Sophy". This regency romance novel has an excellent avg rating on various platforms. Sophy, the novel's vibrant and charming protagonist, is a favourite character among many readers.

    • Could you provide a reply about the author's personal life and background?

      Author Georgette Heyer was born in Wimbledon, London, but her novels are predominantly set in regency-era Sussex, England. A Heyer photograph in the Folio Society's collection shows her as a lady of her age, with a love for literature and historical fiction.

    • Is there any mystery series among Georgette Heyer's novels?

      Yes, besides her historical and regency novels, Heyer also wrote a series of detective novels. These offer a different type of suspense and mystery compared to her regency novels, but they are equally loved by her readers.

    • I am a huge fan of romance novels. Do Georgette Heyer books contain elements of love and romance?

      Absolutely! Georgette Heyer is well-known for her romance novels set in the regency era. She beautifully weaves love stories into the historical settings, making her books a favourite among romance novel enthusiasts.

    • How can I keep track of the Georgette Heyer books I have read?

      You can use various book rating systems available on platforms such as Amazon. They allow you to give a clear rating for each book you've read, and even an error rating if there's an issue. This way, you can keep track of all the Georgette Heyer novels you've read and even share your thoughts with other readers.