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Edgar Rice Burroughs Books in Order (80 Book Series)


Edgar Rice Burroughs has written a series of 80 books. Here, you can see them all in order! (plus the year each book was published)

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    Total: 80 books
    1. 4

      The Monster Men

      Edgar Rice Burroughs

    2. 10

      The Outlaw of Torn

      Edgar Rice Burroughs

    3. 15

      The Lost Continent

      Edgar Rice Burroughs

    4. 19

      The Lad and The Lion

      Edgar Rice Burroughs

    5. 24

      The Rider

      Edgar Rice Burroughs

    6. 28

      The Efficiency Expert

      Edgar Rice Burroughs

    7. 36

      The Cave Girl

      Edgar Rice Burroughs

    8. 76

      I Am a Barbarian

      Edgar Rice Burroughs

    9. 79

      The Cave Man

      Edgar Rice Burroughs

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    • Who is Edgar Rice Burroughs and what kind of fiction did he write?

      Edgar Rice Burroughs was a renowned author known for his science fiction and fantasy novels. Some of his most famous works include the Tarzan and John Carter of Mars series.

    • As an author, how many books did Edgar Rice Burroughs write, and in what order should they ideally be read?

      Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote more than 70 books, starting with "A Princess of Mars" in 1912 and ending with "I am a Barbarian" in 1967. For the best reader experience, Edgar Rice Burroughs's books should ideally be read in the order they were published.

    • How can I find Edgar Rice Burroughs books on Kindle?

      You can find Edgar Rice Burroughs books on Kindle through various collections such as the Kindle Tarzan and John Carter of Mars series. You can search by the author's name and find most, if not all, of his science fiction and fantasy works.

    • Are Edgar Rice Burroughs's books well received by the readers?

      Yes, Edgar Rice Burroughs's books received high ratings. Tarzan, for instance, has positive ratings on Kindle. You can check the ratings Tarzan has received and read the verified reviews to get a better sense of what readers think.

    • Where can I learn more about the culture and context in which Edgar Rice Burroughs's books were written?

      To immerse yourself in the culture that inspired Burroughs, you can review types of literature from that time. This will help you review and learn more about the context and cultural influences in his works.

    • Are there any publications that regularly feature reviews and discussions about Burroughs's works?

      Yes, there are several publications that regularly review Burroughs's works. For instance, the 'Black Cat Weekly' often features reviews and discussions about Edgar Rice Burroughs books.

    • What impact did Burroughs's books have on the science fiction and fantasy genres?

      Burroughs, as an author, had a significant impact on both science fiction and fantasy genres. His novel "Tarzan" for instance, added a new structure to fantasy Tarzan stories. His Martian series, on the other hand, greatly influenced science fiction storytelling.

    • What themes are common in Edgar Rice Burroughs's novels?

      Burroughs's novels often explore themes of adventure, heroism, and the struggle between civilization and wilderness. They also often feature men put in extraordinary circumstances, such as Tarzan, who was raised by apes and became a jungle king, or John Carter, a Civil War veteran transported to Mars.

    • How often were Burroughs's books adapted into other media?

      Burroughs's books have been adapted numerous times into other media. Tarzan, for instance, has been adapted into movies, television series, and comic books. The John Carter series has also been adapted into film, illustrating the enduring popularity of Burroughs's work.